Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool
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Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

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Is your toddler entering a child care program for the first time? Starting preschool marks the beginning of a new phase in your child’s development. This early start sets your child on the path for later school success, but it’s not that easy. You and your kid may have mixed emotions. The transition from being home with mom to be in a child care setting can be traumatic for both the parents and their children, even when the Toongabbie child care centre environment is safe and good. To help you and your toddler with the transition, we have a few essential tips on starting the preschool on the right foot. Visit the child care centres in Toongabbie Visit the day-care and meet the caregivers a few days ahead of time. Show your child the class schedule, and talk about what to expect during each portion of the day. Let your kid play on the playgrounds before school starts. Some childcare centres will allow you to leave your child for short visits without you to see how they get on. When you get home, try to speak positively about the school, the activities, the other children, and the staff. Communicate Tell your kid that it’s okay to be afraid, but there are always people around there to help them and can ask for help anytime. Promise your child that you will pick him/her up in a few hours or after a specific activity at school. Boost their social confidence Socialising is an essential skill that has to be learned gradually, and some children find it easier than others. If you introduce the idea of sharing and talking before school starts, your kid will find the whole experience less daunting. Arrange a play date and let your kid make some friends with other kids which will help them to socialise with other kids at the Toongabbie child care. Your positive energy and excitement about the school are very essential, as well as with your child’s teachers. Toddlers can easily pick up on how you feel about the teachers when they see you. So, try and develop a friendship with the caregivers. Even with the best preparation, your kid is likely to be upset, at least in the beginning. But, don’t worry; everything will be on track soon.
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