To Be Trusted is One Kind of Blessing
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To Be Trusted is One Kind of Blessing

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To be trusted is a kind of happiness. Due to trust each other, we give something to the other side to complete. Trust is the basis of each other long-tem cooperation.

But trust must be established on the basis of mutual responsibility. If you believe a person, give a very important thing to entrust him to do, and he doesn’t live up to your trust, or abuses your trust, then the cooperation loses the base. Therefore, there is no trust there is no cooperation, but the trust must be mutual, if one-side has trust, but other side is irresponsible, then the cooperation will be also ended in failure.

We have such experience, you have very much believed such a person, so he continued his appointment, and he was commissioned to do various things. However, there is a chance, he does not do as you wish, but acts first and reports afterwards, so that you are in an awkward position. At this time, you are not only disappointed, but more of a sad, because he abuses your trust, and you virtually become a tool used by others, even have a feeling of being deceived and being fooled.

This time, you even suspect the person whom you have trusted is not a reliable and loyal man. Perhaps he is out of intention, but unintended consequences are bad, even thus causes a lot of adverse effects.

Therefore, trust is mutual. If you abuse the trust of others, it only leads to others are disappointed to you or even abandoned. When do anything, especially to obtain the confidence of others and to do things that are entrusted by others, you must really trust others, considering other people’s trust as a mirror, and always behave properly in our words and deeds, not damaging our image and the image of others because of our mistake.

To be trusted by others is happy, while being suspected is painful. The success that I cooperate with others is built on the basis of mutual trust. No trust, cooperation opportunities will be lost, and lost hope of success. Therefore, in order to obtain the confidence of others, we must be honest man, which is a prerequisite to obtain the trust from other people. However, after we obtain the confidence of others, we are sure to cherish, and to maintain that share of trust as we take care of our eyes, and to make our full efforts to operate the trust, not because of our fault so that we lose that trust.

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