To Eat Sweet Potatoes in Winter Needs To Meet Three Conditions
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To Eat Sweet Potatoes in Winter Needs To Meet Three Conditions

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Today, in the streets we can often see people holding a warm roasted sweet potato. The experts point out that the sweet potato is rich in nutrition, and with the role of anti-cancer, anti-emphysema, but there are many taboos to eat the sweet potato, to pay attention to food intake and the eating time.

As we all know, the sweet potato is rich in nutrition. However, the more valuable is that Japan’s National Cancer Research Center recently announced the sweet potato also took first place in the 20 kinds of anti-cancer vegetables list. 

Cancer cells come from human epithelial cells, while sweet potatoes are rich in starch, carotene and potassium, iron, etc. more than 10 kinds of trace elements, which can protect the structural integrity of the human epithelial cells, inhibition of viral activity, and block the nitrosamines in the gastrointestinal. And it can eliminate mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other toxic effects caused by food or the environment, to block the toxic metals in the carcinogenic process. The sweet potato is considered by experts as the most balanced nutrition healthy food.

However, we should pay attention to three aspects: first, Sweet potatoes should not be eaten raw. Because the cell membrane of the raw sweet potato starch without heat damage, it is difficult to digest in the body; when we boil sweet potato, it is appropriate to extend the cooking time, so make sweet potato containing “gas enzymes” being destroyed. After eating, we will not appear bloating, heartburn, belching, nausea, exhaust and other discomfort.

Second, we had better eat sweet potatoes together with other foods. If we eat the sweet potatoes with the rice, it can also play a complementary role of the protein; if we match some pickles or fresh radish to eat together, it can reduce gastric acid production.

Third, sweet potato is best for lunch. This is because after we finish the sweet potato, which contain calcium in the body after 4 to 5 hours of absorption of sunlight in the afternoon just to promote the absorption of calcium. In this case, at lunch to eat sweet potatoes, and calcium can be absorbed all before dinner, it will not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods of the supper.

Also, we try not to eat sweet potatoes with empty stomach. Fasting to eat sweet potatoes, it will be the emergence of acid reflux, heartburn opportunity, because the sweet potato itself contains a relatively high carbohydrate, there is certain sweetness, increasing the possibility of reflux.

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