To Grasp the Psychology and Win Love
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To Grasp the Psychology and Win Love

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People’s hearts are complex, especially a woman’s heart. Woman is an emotional animal. They are not very good at grasping the feelings. Sometimes, they like flooding, while sometimes, they like dry creek.

If you grasp each other and change the anti-passive into active, this issue involves a psychological advantage. What is the psychological advantage? Psychological advantage is that she thinks you will not survive if you lacks of her. So she will think you should be good for her, and she takes it granted to enjoy all your care, love and even material. But she does not want to give you all you should get. This psychological advantage will gradually increase. To a certain extent, it makes you feel bored, very angry. You will think she should care you more. And she will still think it is deserved. Then you will gradually quarrel. Perhaps your quarrel not refers to do not love her, but hope she will pay more attention to you. But at this time, she will think you have changed, and her heart will be cranky. Finally, you break up. But you will regret after breaking up, which is the hazards of the psychological advantage. I believe many people have encountered this situation.

In fact, this kind of psychological advantage is not unilateral mistake but is each other’s fault. Just like when the spoiled children grow up, they are very willful. Certainly, I don’t want to teach you not love her, but you should grasp the degree of love. You cannot let her think you simply do not love her. I mean you should let her miss you anytime. So, she cannot be too sticky. Then she may have two kinds of changes. The first is that she would take the initiative to find you. Because she felt the pain of missing, and lost if she cannot find you. Then you have changed a passive to active. The second is that she does not matter and still does her own way. Maybe she did not love you. Then you can give up her.

Of course, the above mentioned situations are all personal opinions. In general, it does not represent the whole story. But I hope you will still be able to grasp love and go to the end together.

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