To Impress the Boss in the Toilet
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To Impress the Boss in the Toilet

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To many of us who joined the company newly, we are most afraid of seeing the chairman and president, especially in the bathroom, that is too tight to wet our pants. From the etiquette point of view, it is inconvenient to speak in the toilet, but sometimes the bathroom is the best “battlefield”. When Advanced Semiconductor Leonard Liu, general manager of IBM serviced in the United States, he could not find any opportunity and finally impressed his opinions to the boss in the bathroom.

Leonard Liu received Ph.D. of computer in Princeton University, smoothly into the IBM, and then worked in the institute of headquarters in New York. Among the talents of IBM, he was just one of the most common researchers. He began to think that the key to success was to be able to come up with his own results. In this way, he began to put all the time and energy on the study. After five years of continuous research, he successfully invented a computer relational database structured query language - SQL and related operating systems. He believed this could cause the boss’s attention, and put into development and production, finally became the company’s core competitiveness. When he enthusiastically reported to higher authorities, the leader let him write report and submitted level by level. But a few months later, there was no response. Later, IBM products sector refused that he required SQL products for the recommendation.

How to do? He later learned that in the Institute, there is only one Chinese executive, and he was barely 15 years to do the level two managers. They do not value against the Chinese, naturally do not believe his research. Leonard Liu was hit, thinking if his research results could not catch the company’s attention, and he could only leave to resign. But he could not be reconciled, he thought he was filled with ambition but did not get aspiration of the leaders. If he could see the leader, he would display his own achievement.

Leonard Liu was not reconciled, and then he observed the work of the trip of the boss, to see if there was no chance to see the boss. He observed some time, and found there were no rules about the schedule of the boss. Moreover, when the boss left, there were many people around him, and other people were hard to go into his side. Leonard Liu thought there was no chance to see the boss.

Once, when he went to the bathroom, just ran into the boss Cary Frank T. Cary. As the first time to see big man in the company, he was very nervous and actually speechless, even urine could not pull out. After going back, he felt it would have been a very good chance.

The next day, he went to the bathroom at that time, he shared the prospect of a relational database which he foresaw with Cary.

After a few toilet talks, owners began to notice this young man, and the owner thought his results were not general. Later, through the board of directors and high-level analysis, they decided to agree to a SQL exception of the proposed product.

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