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Tooth Extraction or Removal - First and Secondy

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Having a tooth out might sound like a procedure which you had assigned to the history books. After all, those days of visiting the dentist in order to be told that you’d either need a lovely set of braces fitting to your pegs or have a few of the little chaps out are long gone, no? Well, unfortunately, though your baby teeth will no doubt have been replaced (on the most part) by a nice new set of grown-up sized fangs, some people will have the joy of experiencing wisdom teeth appear in their adult lives and these unwanted molars can be the cause of some discomfort, even infections in some cases. 

If this applies to you, the chances are that you have already experienced first hand the kind of discomfort that a wisdom tooth can cause and there may even be a chance that your dentist has recommended a complete removal of the offending article. If you’re somewhat nervous about this procedure however, here are some frequently asked questions which should hopefully put your mind to rest on the whole unpleasant issue of tooth extraction process.

Firstly, are there any alternatives? Well, there are, but it is always safe to assume that your dentist will only have recommended tooth extraction because he or she feels it is required. Still, if you are only looking to have a wisdom tooth removed due to infection, there are plenty of antibiotics available on the market these days which could clear up any damage done by the unwanted molar which is fighting through your gums as we speak.

Secondly, many people wonder, and quite understandably, whether or not the recovery process from tooth extraction is something to worry about. Well, no dentist worth his or her salt will simply allow you to undergo such a procedure without discussing the ins and outs of the operation beforehand. If you have any concerns, don’t feel as if you cannot ask questions. Still, just to put your mind at rest, the recovery process after tooth extraction is fairly simple. You may experience a slightly stiff jaw after the tooth has been removed, but after a short time, you will even be able to enjoy hard foods once more.

Put simply, discussing your queries with a dentist before agreeing to the procedure is the best piece of advice we can give, but rest assured that no dentist would put you through a tooth removal for the fun of it.

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