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Top 10 sci fi books of all time

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In my bucket list, I wanted to rank the 10 best science fiction books according to my liking. I know many will not agree with me, but I will do my best to explain why each one is unique and a winner in itself.

1. Kyirux: This is a gem that was shining inside a haystack. This is by far my favorite sci-fi book of all time, not only because of its story which revolves around a 500 million year old device which gives us the answers of human existence, but the story is a life dream of every single human being on finding out about themselves, and their origins. This book is a complete entertainer with lots of well educated guesses, and real life occurrences which has taken place in the space program of NASA. Especially in the 2nd part, it talks about the alien moon base.

2. 2001 Space Odyssey: Do I still need to introduce this book by Arthur C. Clark, and explain to you why this is a classic, and why this may be the holy grail of space adventure and mystery? I was like most who watch the movie first, and then read the book, and once I did, I discovered how much the movie actually left out even though the book was released after the movie. Yet, like Kyirux, it gives us the answers we seek on our real plain, answers to human evolution.

3. Dune: Many do not realize, but Avatar is somewhat a copy of Dune, where a strange by is stranded in a desert, the tribesmen of the desert take him in, he learns their culture, their way of life, and then fights for them to fulfill a prophesy. It wasn’t just the Story of Frank Herbert, but the world he created inside Dune that baffled me, which to this day I feel like he’s is truly one in a million.

4. Neuromancer: This anti-hero based novel revolutionized how a hero might look like in the future. If Corporation rule the free markets today, in the future they will run the world, and by doing so, they will limit the human potential to what they can or can not do. This semi-hacker Bill Gibson is the new Ghandi, who resists the control, but instead of attacking them directly, he attacks them physiologically.

5. Minority Report: Before it became a pop culture hit with the movie starring Tom Cruise, and directed by Steven Spielberg; Minority Report had its own unique fame in the world of sci-fi. Minority Report, written by Phil K. Dick is set in the year 2057 when a D.C. unit is able to catch people before they have committed a crime through physics, but when their own, their finest cop of all ‘Chief Anderton’ is found guilty of committing a murder in the future, the journey of this short novel begins.

6. War of the Worlds: Orson Wells’ gemstone WOTW, was one of the first science fiction novels dealing with alien and invasion from the outer space. The Tripods as they called them, were gigantic machines run by aliens to suck the blood of humans, and run them dry.

7. 2010 A Space Odyssey: continuation of 2001 a space odyssey, which deals with Jupiter becoming the second sun.

8. Brave New World: Based on the agenda of New World Order, and one world government.

9. iRoberts: Turned into a movie starring Will Smith, where Roberts suddenly become more intelligent, and start attacking humans.

10. I am legend: This is more of a horror than a sci-fi, but it deals with the DNA destroying virus which turns humans into zombies, and leaves Manhattan as a desert.

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