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Top 3 Photoshop tools to resize an image in Photoshop
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Top 3 Photoshop tools to resize an image in Photoshop

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Top 3 Photoshop tools to resize an image in Photoshop In various cases, we need to resize an image for making it suitable to use. Fortunately, Photoshop offers us a number of useful tools to resize an image. Some remarkable tools such as canvas tool, crop tool etc are helping us to resize images in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I am going to show you the use of 3 tools which help us to resize an image in Photoshop. Resize the photo using Image Size tool Using the Image size panel for resizing the photo is the easiest way than using any other tools. First, you need to go to Image > Image Size. Then, you can see a dialogue box. In the dialogue box, there has a lot of option. If you click in the Fit to option, you can see many default image sizes. From the default, you can choose any of the sizes you wish to get. By using width, height, and resolution, you can get the specific dimension you want to get. The resample option will help you to define how you make the image size. The automatic option will help you to get the right dimension of the image you resize. When you will satisfy with the image you edit, click ok to save the changes you have made. Use the Crop tool to resize an image in Photoshop The crop tool is another method to resize a photo. But it is a kind of destructive process to do the job. That mean’s when you apply the process to your image, the parts of images that have been cropped will dark or lose. Using the crop tool is the best and effective method to resize an image when you don’t want the parts of an image. First, select the crop tool from the toolbar menu. While you select the crop tool, a number of handles will appear on the middle and edges of the image. When you will begin cropping, you can see the original brightness of the image but some parts of the image will lose. When you will happy with the result you get, click ok to finish the work. Resize images using the Photoshop transform tool Photoshop transform tool is another method to resize an image. Unlike the two methods, it will help you to resize the elements of the image instead of the full image. That means you can resize separate portions of the images, not the entire image. This tool works best when each of the images has own layer. Select the layer with the image you want to resize. Then, go to Edit > Transform > Scale. Now, you can see a series of handles like the crop tool. Drag and click on the handles to start resizing the image. To constrain the formal ratio, hold down the shift key on your keyboard. If ready with the result you get, press enters to finish the resizing. Conclusion You can resize an image in Photoshop by using any of the 3 methods. So, use any methods of the 3 mentioned above and learn to resize a photo effectively.
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