Top 5 Benefits of Cheap Pig Blood
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Top 5 Benefits of Cheap Pig Blood

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Pig blood is rich in nutrients, known as “liquid meat,“ said. It has been determined: pig blood per 100 grams of protein 16 grams, more than beef, lean pork protein content, and easy to digest and absorb. The proportion of pig protein contains amino acids and amino acids in the ratio close to the body, the body is very easy to use, so the pig protein in animal foods most likely to be digested and absorbed.

Pig: The average protein content of 74%, equivalent to four times pork, eggs, five times, but the full price of high-quality protein (contains 8 essential amino acids the human body). Pig’s blood also contains a certain amount of lecithin and iron, and trace elements needed by the body. Pig iron heme is provided, other than ferrous iron salt provides more easily absorbed and utilized.

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1, the higher the amount of pig iron in blood, but also with the form of heme iron, easy absorption by the body, in the growth stage of the children and pregnant or lactating women eat more food with animal blood, can prevent iron deficiency anemia, and can effectively prevent the elderly suffering from coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, embolism.

2, anti-cancer effect. Medical Practice has proved that pig blood Cobalt prevents the growth of malignant tumors. Scientists isolated from one kind of pig called “trauma hormone“ of the material, it can get rid of necrotic and damaged cells and can function in damaged tissue, and he gradually recovered and returned to normal function. Which in other foods is difficult to obtain.

3, anti-aging. Pig more phospholipids, and phospholipids can increase the amount of acetylcholine, the link between the nerve cells quickly, thereby improving people’s memory. Therefore, early senile dementia patients should eat pig.

4, pig’s blood contains vitamin K, can promote blood clotting, so there is hemostasis.

5, Pig also offers a variety of trace elements for the human body, of malnutrition, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, nursed back to health after illness has benefits for the treatment of dizziness, vomiting Nvxue, bleeding bruise, the damage bleeding and seizures epilepsy embolism.

In addition, the pig but also a good way to remove the body of the metal particles of dust and harmful damage to the human body; modern medical study found that pig blood proteins by the acid decomposition, may produce a sterile and intestines material, this material can enter the human body with dust and harmful metal particles from the biochemical reactions, and then excrete these harmful substances out of the body, called the dirt of the body “scavenger.“ Therefore, the pig can eat harmful substances from the body.

For friends who are losing weight, the pig is undoubtedly an excellent food because it contains a wealth of iron, to prevent weight loss friends to lose weight reduce anemia. Good value for money, called the “blood of the jade.“

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