Top Four Places to See for Boarders of Perth Flights
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Top Four Places to See for Boarders of Perth Flights

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Perth is a popular metropolis of Australia well known as tourist hotspot. Although a dull city in the past it has now developed into a sophisticated place. It is a populated city and a major financial and trade hub of the country cum continent, Australia. It is a place with diversified culture and holds plenty of cultural events on a regular basis. Restaurants and bars can be seen all over the place. The main features and attractions of the conurbation that bends tourists to take Perth flights from their hometowns to come and visit this terra firma is its calm and peaceful ambience. However, the top four attractions are:

1.#Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden invites many nature lovers from around the world to get cheap Flights to Perth. The beautiful place is often termed as a nature lover’s paradise. The park cum botanical garden covers a humongous area of about 400 hectares. It is easily accessible as it is located a few minutes away from the city center. Breathing, picturesque views of the cityscape can be experienced from this place. The botanical garden displays a wide variety of over a hundred species of plants.

2.#Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is a truly wonderful attraction of the metropolis and has been rated amongst the best attractions of the conurbation. Tourists who have planned for flights to Perth can expect to have a wonderful experience here. This is one of the country’s best kept zoological gardens. Various forms of wildlife can be found here ranging from the famous Australian Kangaroo right to the miniature reptiles. This place offers its visitors to view the animals kept in the zoo in their natural habitat like place settings. The place is open from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening on all seven days of the week. The place hosts a wonderful cafeteria too to sit and relax.

3.#Perth Bell Tower

The Perth Bell Tower or the Swan Bell Tower, as it is commonly referred to by the inhabitants of the place was opened to the public in December 2000. Ever since it’s opening it has been a popular tourist attraction of the town and gains plenty of tourists on a regular basis from overseas. Those who have booked Perth flights are suggested to visit this highly admired spot in the city. The place comprises of 18 bells and has thus the largest ringing instrument in the entire world. The attraction is located at Barrack Square.

4.#Barracks Arch

This heritage place was originally the home of the enrolled pensioner guards. The place was built in the year 1863. It comprises of a hundred and twenty rooms which is channeled by two wings. The archaeological masterpiece compels plenty of tourists to get cheap flights to Perth from their place of origin to come and visit it. It is located at the corner of the Malcolm and Elder street crossing and is easily accessible as transport to and from the place is available in ample amount.

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