Top Shopping Malls Responsible for Drawing Flights to Bali
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Top Shopping Malls Responsible for Drawing Flights to Bali

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Bali is situated in the beautiful island of Indonesia. It is landmarked with many mountain peaks, pristine beaches and exotic flora and fauna. However the major attractions of the city are the shopping prospects offered to the visitors. Shopping has been a blessing to this destination and hence invites many cheap flights to Bali each year. In fact, most of the tourists come here with the objective of shopping in the great shopping malls here offering a hoard of stuffs of both national and international brands. Most of the malls are multiple storied with sufficient parking space for all. Also, shoppers are offered with a wide range of restaurants to keep their shopping stamina fully charged. Some of them are described as follows:

1. Kartika Discovery Mall

This shopping complex is centrally air conditioned and is located in Jalan Kartika near the Waterbom Park. Visitors usually do not parking issues here due to the availability of sufficient parking space. It homes the Centro Department Store which offers branded stuffs from Giordano, Prada, Esprit, Gucci and Revlon to name just a few.  It also houses many kids’ stations, surf shops, boutiques, book shops and plenty of restaurants like Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. These facilities offered in this shopping centre call for many Bali flights annually.

2. Nusa Dua Galleria

It had reopened in December 2005 after a complete renovation and is named as Bali Collection. It houses the Sogo Department Store which offers visitors with plenty of designer labels and brands to choose from. It has more than hundred boutiques and handicraft shops. The complex inhabits around thirty restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Indonesian cuisines. The Tragia Store offers various duty free shops for all those migrating from the country. These attractions invite plenty of flights to Bali each year.

3. Ramayana Bali Mall

It is Denpasar’s busiest street and was opened five years ago. It is a three leveled mall which is characterized by plenty of fashion products at reasonable costs. It homes many well known restaurants and eating outlets like Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donut, Excelso Café and others. It has both local and branded items for sale and has a huge bookstore which features imported books, office equipments and stationery. One can choose from accessories, bags, lingerie, music cassettes, shoes, VCDs and many more products. These attractions stored in this mall draw plenty of cheap flights to Bali.

4. Bali Mall Galleria Kuta

It is a two storey shopping centre which offers its visitors with sporting goods, fashion apparel and home appliances. One can opt for hair salons for luxurious beauty services. It houses the largest book shop of Bali which features stationery items, books, magazines, novels, office equipments and many more. At the centre of the mall is a shaded garden for non shopping spouses. It houses a food court at the second level which serves many international cuisines. These allurements packed in this mall call for maximum number of Bali flights annually.

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