Total E Learning Solution to CBSE Curriculum
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Total E Learning Solution to CBSE Curriculum

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The learning solutions can enable the learner and the teacher into the learning process in a more conducive environment. Whether you want to learn from the comforts of your home or sitting in the classroom with laptops or anywhere you feel set to focus on the curriculum you want to learn, e-learning solutions can aid your learning with ease. At home they can play the role of a tutor, in the classroom it can accelerate your learning process when you are grasping difficult concepts.

E learning solutions can encompass a realm of learning processes aided by computer and information technology hardware and software tools. They could learning from single standalone PCs loaded with educational software’s, videos, graphics, intranet computers within a closed group which is enable by a server usually used by educational institutions groups, e learning tools provided by paid online educational sites which allow downloading education E-learning solution, free online education provided by networking sites on the Internet, and also any these variants. Today e learning encompasses learning through mobile phones, data cards, and any device that could enable learning and involves information technology as driving source.

E learning solution for CBSE curriculum is widely available on the Internet to take online education or seek paid solutions from educational portals. These e solutions provide tools for every subject, for all classes from Class 7th to Class 12th, at all levels and stages of learning. They include, model and sample examination question papers, answers, solutions for mathematical problems, tests for various lessons and subjects, and various other resources. The resources available from paid sources can limit you by choice whereas free online education sites provide you unlimited resources to learn which you can choose to your taste and convenience.

According to International E-Learning Association president of the David Guralnick, getting students motivated to engage in e learning practices is hardly a problem. But the e learning tools design should provide the most user-friendly suitable interface for user. Keeping the user community of students in view, the e learning tools should instill the comfortable user experience in the beginner’s stage, failing which e learning will looked upon as least enabling tool for learning. For example, in Giristhan-Matheran municipal school (Matheran, Maharashtra, India), it was found through a project study that the group of student who were exposed to e learning (videos) did better than the group that underwent the lecture methods. 

Social networking sites could be an ideal forum to expose student to e learning tools where there is informal interaction among users. Networking being more of an informal relationship builder on the Internet can enable students, teachers, parents and subject matter experts to get together in facilitating learning through these tools. These networking sites provide e learning solutions which cover the CBSE syllabus and NCERT text books at their edusocial corners.

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