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Touched By Genius And Now So Can You

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There have been many major events throughout history that have changed the world; discovery of fire, the wheel, the industrial revolution, the motor car, birth of the computer age, personal computing, internet and now the next big thing mobile applications.

Why is mobile applications the next big thing ... well lets take a quick look at history.Every major event has ultimately had one aim ... to make life easier. Take the mobile phone and look what it can do ... only a few years ago, you would have had a camera, camcorder, gps system, calendar, filofax and boy were they pocket fillers. And now, the mobile phone is capable of all this and more and this is where it gets really interesting.

When you socialize you don’t take your computer with you, but now with internet enabled phones a whole new world is open to you. You can now Facebook / Tweet your friends to you hearts content. Even so, this is a rather simplistic use of a seriously powerful tool. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find anything and everything you ever wanted in one simple application and specific to your city?

The future is here and now.Let me introduce you to City My Way ( City My Way is truly an innovative new medium, embracing the power of cutting edge mobile technology and social viral marketing. And is an amalgamation consisting of a mobile application, a Website and FaceBook Application designed around exclusive offers and special deals.

CityMyWay has been designed with you in mind, grouping all relevant information in an efficient to use icon driven design and is a one-stop platform designed to positively impact your lives by having everything you could ever think of or want in one application.

Covering categories in your city such as restaurants, nightlife, news, lifestyle, tourist attractions and much much more. With Global recession a reality, customers - the likes of you me – are more cost conscious then ever and ultimately want a bigger bang for our buck. This is where the concept of “Your mobile is your discount card“ comes into play.

City My Way offers exclusives Hot Deals not available anywhere else. All you need to do is show City My Way Exclusive to avail yourself of these special offers.

Don’t just take my word for it ... industry leaders like Rafat Ali and Founder of paidContent, which was sold to The Guardian for $30 million, have cited City My Way in recent articles.

They are definitely ones to watch. City My Way may not be perfect – YET – but they are clearly here to stay and will continue to evolve and hone in this wonderful application. So why don’t you go out today and do something inspiring and transform the world you live in.

City My Way ... A truly intelligent guide to living.Available as a FREE download on all smart phones (awaiting iPhone upload approval) And covering:- Middle East - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, (coming soon: Bahrain & Beirut)India - Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad (coming soon – Kolkata, Chennai & Goa)

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