Tough and High Performance Tactical Elite Assault Magnum Boots
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Tough and High Performance Tactical Elite Assault Magnum Boots

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Tactical Elite Magnum boots are as good as assault boots ever get. They come with some exceptional features, no doubt, but what win you over are the reliability of the features and the durability of these boots. The boots can outlast most other boots in the toughest of conditions, whether it is hot weather, cold or wet weather, bad terrains or a mix of everything. The boots are designed to keep the feet comfortable in conditions which will test every aspect of the design. To start with the Spider 8.1 Urban boots come with a 1650 denier ballistic nylon fabric which is used as the upper. This lends reasonable breathability to the boots. Nylon is abrasion resistant and can survive unfriendly surroundings. Some of the boots come with a leather toecap that can be polished to a high degree of shine.

The Magnum boots also boast of a spider mesh lining which further enhances the breathability inside the boots. This is important especially when it is hot and humid outside and it could get sweaty and itchy inside the boots, if air is not flowing freely. Ventilation helps in keeping the feet dry and cool, which party reduces the strain. This is important when you spend long hours in the boots during tough expeditions. The boots also come with a contoured sock liner for further comfort.

There is ample support for the feet in the form of non-metallic shanks and hardware that will protect the feet from getting twisted. The Magnum boots are tested under rigorous conditions to make sure they can actually withstand testing periods. There are reinforced stabilizers on the outsole along with toe fins that are flexible and can actually help in climbing walls and trees. SuperFabric is used to resist abrasion and protect the uppers from damage during fast rope treading. What is unique about these boots is that they are laced with ceramic too, in order to be able to resist heat. The boots are designed to resist melting or heat related damage. The outsole also comes with a wedge that can provide reliable footing and help in braking during quick motion.

You can also go for other Magnum boots like Spider 5.1, the mid cut model which is ergonomically designed for those who don’t prefer the 8 inch boots. Then there are the desert tan boots that make use of full grain leather uppers along with an aero mesh that adds to the overall breathability of the boots. The lightweight build system of some of these boots provides better athletic performance making it easier to move swiftly. The boots which don’t make squeaky sounds on the floor have lasting board for support to the feet along with composite shanks. In some cases, EVA midsoles are also provided for additional support and shock absorption. The cushioning helps in keeping the feet stress free. Vibram outsoles are used in some of these tactical boots, given that these outsoles are trusted to be reliable, durable and abrasion resistant, while providing traction.

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