Traditional and modern accent chairs
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Traditional and modern accent chairs

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Accent chairs are one of the furniture, which the kings and queens used in their palaces. This is now a piece of antique furniture for us and we make use it accordingly. Looking at the traditional designs, there are many new designs, which have been made in the sector of accent chair furniture. These chairs have an outer wooden frame and are made of cloth for the interiors. There are various traditional as well as contemporary designs available with these chairs. One of the most intricate designs of these chairs is the hand carved chair of Indian origin. This is a complete hand carved chair and has no cushions. One has to add the cushions while using the chair. This chair is very expensive and the entire price is given only to the design.

The accent chairs have exclusive cloth coverings for the inside and this gives a royal look to the surroundings. The cloth used in the olden days would be silk and other expensive material. However, today similar rich looking cloths replace these cloths. The wood exteriors are available in a range of colors. This can be black wood, teak wood, mahogany, rose wood, etc. the cloth that is used in the chair will depend on the type of wood used. The most commonly used color is gold, beige and brown as they complement the wood the most. The contemporary accent chairs use more of light colors to suit the interiors better.

The accent chairs look best in villas and other spacious places. This is because these chairs look like they are supposed to look only in spacious places. Today, these chairs are available for the living rooms as well as the bedrooms. The bedrooms will have either single chairs or in pairs. Some people also choose to place these accent chairs and sofas in place of the normal sofas for the living rooms. These chairs will look best with interiors, which have many paintings and chandeliers. It should also have huge drapes and curtains for the windows and hallway entrances. This will give the perfect royal look to the villas and mansions.

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