Transitioning From the Military to an HVAC Career
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Transitioning From the Military to an HVAC Career

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Military service comes with many challenges as well as a number of valuable benefits. Among these benefits is excellent career training. Military members are provided with training for their job in the military, and not only is the training free; they are actually paid as they are receiving the training. Service members who choose jobs in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning are particularly lucky when it comes to transitioning from the military into a civilian career, as military service in the HVAC field is excellent preparation for a civilian career in HVAC.

Paid Training versus Paying for Training

For civilians interested in an HVAC career, it can be difficult to finance the training required for this type of job; but this is not the case for veterans. An Air Force Veteran who served in the HVAC field, for example, will have gone through Air Force HVAC School during his or her time on active duty and will already have most or all of the training required to begin a successful career in HVAC.

Military Service Means Experience

After completing Air Force HVAC school, the service member probably spent at least a couple of years in the HVAC field in the military. This experience is valuable to potential employers. Civilians just out of HVAC training might have a difficult time finding a job without any experience, but veterans do not have this issue.

What If More Training is Required?

It is possible that even after Air Force HVAC School and years of experience in the field, that more training might be required. A specific area of HVAC might need to be learned in more detail, or updated training might be required by an employer to keep up with changing technology. Veterans can take advantage of military education benefits like Air Force Scholarships to help fund these educational requirements. Financial resources to obtain necessary training are invaluable when preparing for a new career, so taking full advantage of things like Air Force scholarships is a great way to transition from the military into an HVAC career.

For those who have served in the military in the HVAC field who would like to transition to a civilian HVAC career; the transition will likely be a very smooth one. Job training provided by the military will give veterans an advantage over civilian job seekers; and military tuition assistance and scholarship programs are an incredibly valuable resource to tap into when needed.

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