Travellers tips for packing light when exploring the world
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Travellers tips for packing light when exploring the world

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Planning for a round the world trip can be time consuming and slightly stressful since you don’t want to forget anything important! It is a good idea to make a list and seek advice about what you will likely need in the country you are travelling to. What sort of climates will you encounter? Will you have access to local pharmacies for medication or will you need to take these with you? What sort of places will you be staying in and what facilities will they most likely offer you?
Here are some top lightweight items to take away with you and help you keep within your baggage allowance.
Merino wool – whether you are travelling to a hot or a cold climate, merino wool clothing and headwear will regulate your body temperature. It is light, breathable, will keep you dry and does not require regular washing. Some products even come with an antibacterial weave, UV protection or insect repellent!
Silk liner – use in addition to your sleeping bag for added warmth or on its own in a hot country. A silk liner weighs just a few grams and folds to a size smaller than your fist. As with the merino wool look out for an antibacterial liner that requires little washing.
Travel towel – if you are unsure what sort of facilities will be available on your travels then a travel towel could be invaluable. Once again look out for an antibacterial material.
Universal sink plug – it is often the case that many countries do not use a plug. This can be a useful little investment for washing!
E-vent or Gore-tex waterproof – these fabrics offer complete dryness in the heaviest rain and also keep you warm in windy weather. E-vent in particular is also incredibly lightweight and therefore makes the perfect jacket to take away with you
Walking trainers – unless you are planning on trekking through the mountains it is worth investing in some lightweight and comfortable walking trainers that are preferably waterproof and breathable. If you are planning on doing a lot of walking then look for arch support and ankle support. Footwear such as sandals and flip-flops can be picked up cheaply on your travels and will often only last a couple of weeks anyway.
Skin protection – mosquito repellent and sun cream may not be easy to come by. Many hot countries only offer an SPF 15 sun cream that is suitable for local people and the herbal mosquito repellent is not always. In addition you may want to think about bringing a mosquito net if you are concerned one may not be provided for you.
When packing for your trip try and only take away what you really need.
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