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Truth About Astrology

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Astrology in today’s world identified as a separate discipline or science, which tells about the procedure of creating horoscope of anybody with the help of celestial bodies and their positions. It helps us in understanding the existence of Human on the Earth. You can see many websites, articles, and comments, which are trying to prove it as a science or disprove it. Both these disciplines are quit different from each other as science uses different methods of observations, scientific principles, and experiments. There are methodological proofs, which scientists use while astrology has its own principles and it never follow the methods of science.Many astrologers claim that this disciple is not without limitations so they compare it with science. Before its comparison with science, let us see what is astrology? Many people consider it a product from divine inspiration. The Goddess of wealth gave it to Hindus. All this information is present in texts of ancient times and its remnants are still present. Therefore, it is not a discipline it is only as good as an astrologer is practicing it. The accuracy of this profession depends upon the accuracy, depth of knowledge, experience of the astrologer in this area.

Therefore you can not say it as a separate discipline or a science because no astrologer is perfect is this field because he/she has only that knowledge which is present in ancient texts which are itself incomplete and this knowledge remain until these texts are safe otherwise this knowledge will vanish.So simply you can say that astrology and science are two different things. Because science is still in the search of compelling questions related to the Universes, questions about the existence and creation of this and other Universes, any possibility and presence of other Universes which are parallel to this Universe and many other questions which emerge after the identification of Big Bang.While an astrologer on the bases of positions of planetary bodies make a chart of a person, give all the relevant information about the future, and leaves no question behind. they consider that this discipline has answers all the questions while science never claim this and it is still in the search of all questions which emerge time to time.

Astrologers give predictions while science never gives authentic prediction rather just an estimated prediction.Therefore you should not believe that anybody can change of predict about the future of anybody and he/she change it. The horoscopes tell to do some actions, which will change your fate and future but never happen like this. Now you need to believe that everybody goes through his/her good or bad time and it is nothing just tell the person about that good or bad time but not changing it. So this field ask you for some kind of special actions while it is admitted fact that “God helps those, who help themselves”, so this profession is not going to change your fate these are your efforts which are changing your fate. When anybody struggle and works hard God help that person and astrologers claim that these are their actions, which they took to change the fate of that person. 

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