Tube ball mill distinctive feature analysis
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Tube ball mill distinctive feature analysis

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Tubular ball mill for a distinctive feature analysis, a distinctive feature of tube mill is much larger than the cylinder diameter, cylinder length, aspect ratio normally. As the cylinder is very long, so the material in the cylinder body by the ground a long time, can get very fine grinding minerals. When the mill cylinder diaphragm plate is divided into two, three or four different lengths of storage room, known as multi-compartment (room) tube mill. More and more for cement mill warehouse. This type of tube mill, discharging mode, gear, main bearing and lubrication systems, is basically the same structure with the ball, but the cylinder liner, the diaphragm plate and mill equipment to the mine there are significant differences. Being a leading company in Industrial powder processing, Engineering Stone crushing and Construction Sand Making, Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Group Company is a high-tech mining machinery company in China.

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