Two Greatest Assets in Life Are Talents and Time
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Two Greatest Assets in Life Are Talents and Time

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There are two greatest assets in person’s life: your talent and your life. But the more talents you own, the less time you will have, so we can say that our life is the time in exchange for talent. If the passed days, our time is less, but talent does not increase, it is a waste of time. How can we use time efficiently? I have a few suggestions below:

Do the things that you are really interested in and be consistent with your goals. I find my “productivity“ and my “interest“ has a direct relationship, but this relationship is not a simple linear one. If I face the things which I am not interested in, I might spend 40 % of the time, but I can only produce 20 % of the results; if I encounter something I am interested in, I might spend 100 % of the time and get 200 % of the effect. To work hard at work, good health is important, but the real key is to change your psychological state rather than physical problems. When you really fall into your work, what you need is an attitude, a desire, and a will.

Next, you should know how to spend your time. Then pick a week, record what you do every 30 minutes a day, and do a classification and statistics to see in what aspects you spend too much time. If you want to make progress, you must first understand the recent status. After the end of the day, write down what you have done a day, and 15 minutes as a unit. Then make analysis after a week to see how the week’s time can be arranged more efficiently. And there are no activities accounted for much of proportion? Is there a way to increase efficiency?

Use time pieces and “dead time“. If you have time to do the above statistics, you will find a lot of time to be lost every day, for example, waiting for the bus, queuing, walking, riding, etc., which can be used to recite words, make phone calls, and review homework and so on.

Do the big events firstly; that is, early in the morning you can pick the three most important things, and be able to finish them in the daytime.

You can try these methods that will help you save much time, and promote your talent.

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