Types of Rc Trucks
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Types of Rc Trucks

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When a person talks about rc trucks, in the mind of many hobbyists, they think mostly of monster trucks. There are different types of trucks available in the market. Truck vehicles can be categorized as scale or non-scale. Scale trucks are modeled from real life vehicles. Stadium trucks are popular and are driven in tough terrains. They are adapted to such terrain because of their robust nature. Despite being adaptable to such dirty terrain, they also reach fast speeds. Rc vehicles are fun to drive partly because of their good handling nature. The Traxxas Nitro Sport RTR Stadium Truck is a monster truck that drives on two wheels. Nitro sport trucks are popular for club level racing and are first time models for many hobbyists. Electric trucks are also available. These are easy to drive and buy but nitro trucks provide fun and exhilaration at the track.

Mini rc trucks

Technological advancement has resulted to parts of rc vehicles getting smaller. Team Losi brand is among the leaders with their 1:18 and 1:36 scale vehicles. These rc vehicles can be raced at club tracks, back yards, and around the house. Micro-T is one of the models from Team Losi brand that measures just less than 5 inches in length. The brand also has the Micro-Desert Truck made to drive on rough terrain and small enough to fit pal of hands. Breaking the limits is the Micro Highrollar that drives. It can drive anyplace. Although it is typical that Micro rc trucks are powered by electric motors, this is not always the case. The shapes and sizes of these dust-soaked devils are varied. Beginning from bouncing buggies to monstrous big wheel trucks. Their design is made for off-road driving. They pass over anything that comes their way. Although the trucks can be driven on-road, which is not the purpose they were made for.

The big question is do you prefer gas powered or electric rc trucks?  For a person starting out, it is recommended that he/she goes for a ready to run electric truck.  This is ideal for those with no prior experience in the hobby. The RTR makes are ready to run. Popular models these days are ready to run versions with some available as unassembled kits.

Rc trucks sizes are categorized in 1/x scale. The higher the x the smaller the size.  Typically, rc trucks are known for their big size, big wheels, big engines, big frames and big power among others. The smallest size of the trucks is the 1/36th scale. Example of such a truck is the Team Losi new Micro-T Stadium Truck. It is the smallest in its class. It is two-wheeled and electric powered. The measurements are as follows: 4.5 inches length, 3.5 inches width and 3 inches wheelbase.  The suspension is fully independent with an auto speed transmission. The 1/98th scale is next in size. It belongs to the mini family which is very fast growing in popularity. This is because it can run on one’s command at almost any place with more power than the micro one.

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