UK Couple Has Baby With Help of The World Egg Bank
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UK Couple Has Baby With Help of The World Egg Bank

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The first baby has been born as a result of a partnership between the United States’ The World Egg Bank and the United Kingdom’s CARE Fertility Clinic. The World Egg Bank sent donor eggs to the CARE Fertility Clinic which helped a couple have a baby in May; and six others have been confirmed pregnant.

Since the move to the UK, The World Egg Bank has sent over 180 frozen donor eggs to recipients throughout the region. The first baby was born in May at a clinic in Nottingham and there have been six other confirmed pregnancies.

The World Egg Bank provides fertility services to women who need donated eggs to achieve pregnancy. By partnering with CARE Fertility Center in the United Kingdom, recipient’s receive frozen donor eggs rather than fresh donor eggs, in order to cut down on the travel time and costs that are traditionally associated with the egg donation process. Frozen eggs also don’t require the recipient and donor to coordinate schedules or require the recipient to wait for the eggs while the donor gets thoroughly screened.

The donor eggs that are available to patients in other countries come from the large frozen egg registry that The World Egg Bank has built up over time in the United States. Women from the U.K. have the opportunity to browse a specific donor registry and choose a donor that fits their criteria, just as women in the U.S. or other partnering countries do. Having access to U.S. donors also provides recipients with a wider choice of donor eggs from a variety of different age groups and ethnicities.

Once a donor has been accepted by a recipient, it takes only about eight weeks for treatments to begin. The World Egg Bank is currently partnered with 11 clinics in the U.K. and plans to continue expansion throughout the region.

Because the UK waiting list for donor eggs can be in excess of 2 years, The World Egg Bank has seen a lot of interest in their services, and will continue to help couple conceive a child through the use of frozen donor eggs.

“CARE has teamed up with The World Egg Bank to find an innovative way to reduce the long waiting times for donor eggs in the U.K.,” a representative from CARE Fertility said. “The process of getting the eggs overseas involves importing them from donors sourced within the United States and preserving them by the ground breaking new technique of vitrification.”

With the help of new technology, The World Egg Bank has become an international leader in donor egg banking. Women now have a choice on how they would like to conceive. The technology used in egg vitrification gives this technique comparable success rates to those obtained in a conventional egg donation cycle.

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