Understanding More About Cedar Fence
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Understanding More About Cedar Fence

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There are many reasons for going in for such fences, particularly in this part of the country. Since other people living in other less colder parts of the country may not be using this type of fencing structures, this article is an attempt to inform people more about the different types of fencing materials that are made using cedar.

It would be impossible for any other fencing material to function as efficiently as is the case with cedar fence. The main reason people choose this material for meeting their fencing needs is because of the fact that it very durable, long lasting and tough to withstand the harsh and difficult winter climates that are very common in the North Western part of America. Another major reason why this material is chosen over conventional metals like wrought iron, steel and aluminum is the fact that it has a much higher dimensional stability. Though other softwoods are also used for the purpose of constructing fences, cedar has almost four times the strength when it comes to other woods that are used. Further, when it comes to making fences using wood, it is very important for the wood to be pliable. In this respect, there is no doubt that cedar is extremely pliable and can be sawed and cut quite easily in different shapes and sizes. Though oak is often used for making fences, not many people may be aware that cedar fence has 80% more strength than oak though it weighs almost 50% lower, when compared to cedar.

Warping and cracking is a major problem with many other wooden fences. However, when you decide to go in for a cedar fence solution, you can be sure that problem of warping and cracking will not occur. This is because cedar wood has the capacity to expand and contract quite flexibly, depending on the situations. Once installed, these cedar fences can remain in place, for a long period of time. Very little maintenance is required and that could be one more important reason for the popularity of this particular type of fencing. One more major factor that works in favor of cedar fencing is the fact that it has a very unique smell or aroma of its own. This aroma has the property of keeping insects away and hence cedar fence can also work as a very effective insect repellent in many houses.

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