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Updated Educational News on Extraminds

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But real concerns get cluttered with opinions in the 24 X 7 media rigor. Whether it is related to CBSE or any other development related to education including, examination dates, syllabus amends, or non arrival of text book in accordance with new rules, you want to stay updated. 

If not every day, you have a major development every week, and not say of every month of the academic session or year. Beginning from schedule of declaration of results of the conducted examinations, to changes in syllabus in new academic session, school schedule for CCE, changes in model of papers and questions and marking, announcement of available of new resources of learning, change in guidelines of teaching or setting of papers. There are scores of announcements and development that can affect the schools and student studying in these schools or for that matter any other state board schools including CBSE.

The latest news of CBSE board exam answer papers to be made available to the public for scrutiny has taken everyone with awe. There is mix reaction to the development. But the beneficiaries at large are the student community which will understand its performance. Availability of NCERT text books year after year has been area of concern for the board with sudden expansion of CBSE affiliated schools. In the last few years thought the text books are available online free, still there is a public preference for bound text books from NCERT. Another big announcement that took everyone unawares is the change in examination going optional. If any one of you visited the CBSE portal there are indications of practical examinations being done away with science subjects (for Class X) and the same marks to be incorporated in the written examination. Interestingly, though the development of examination answer papers being available for public scrutiny declaration is only a judicial announcement, the stand of the board though binding is yet clear. Any one who wants to avail the privilege will have to go through the RTI(Right to Information).

Whether it is updates of educational news, or news for education, edusocial corners or social networking sites combining networking with e learning are the best platforms to be updated. While conducting social networking and providing various e learning tools, the are one of the stakeholders who are also likely to affected along with students and schools. Recently there is a buzz of vocational education subjects made part of mainstream education, there are many schools who have already into the developing vocational competencies in children like cooking, fashion designing, or others like typing to name a few. These sites already provide leisure time classes for hobbies, music, guitar, and cooking.

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