Use Illustrated Sermons to Keep Your Congregations Interest on Sunday
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Use Illustrated Sermons to Keep Your Congregations Interest on Sunday

Published by: Camilla Devreut (3)
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You know that you put in a lot of preparation for your sermons. You don’t just download them from the internet and then deliver them in a monotone to your congregation. But do your parishioners or congregation realize the effort you have put into it? Are you certain your story or your theme is getting through to them?

Many churches today have large white screens that hang down in the background of the pulpit. The basic idea behind the screen is that the congregation will always know the words to the hymns or the psalms being sung or recited in unison. Sometimes the screen is used to help a visiting missionary tell his or her story about the country he or she serves with his/her mission. Sometimes the screen is used to show pictures of the congregation at various holidays or events in the church.

As a minister or priest you are charged, as the shepherd, with seeing to the needs of your flock. One of the best ways you can do this is to be certain that your sermon resonates with those sitting in the pews before you. How can you do this? You can do this by illustrating your sermons with high quality photos that can help tell your story and get your point across.

The white screen will come in handy as you use Bible illustrations to help tell your story. You can get high quality illustrations and have them flash up on the screen as you are speaking of a relevant subject. Imagine speaking of the Angel of God as he speaks to Mary about the coming of her child, Jesus. Wouldn’t the point be much easier to understand if you could show a photo or illustration? Christian sermon illustrations can help tell the story of a pilgrim’s progress or the story of famous missionary Lottie Moon. These illustrations are copyrighted by their owner and if you have a membership to the site that allows their use, you will definitely have a more interested sermon. The small fee that is charged will be even smaller when you hear the comments by your parishioners or congregation.

Children’s church will be a breeze when you use these Bible illustrations to illustrate the Bible stories that have become so well known to Christians today.

If your church is a part of a Christian school, the illustrations can be used in chapel and in special assemblies. Everyone benefits from the use of these high quality photos and illustrations.

Camilla Devreut - About the Author: contains a constantly growing collection of unique sermon illustration, Biblical illustrations, and other Christian illustrations. Each image is carefully researched during its creation using academic and scholarly publications in order to provide the most accurate depiction of Biblical places and events.

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