Use of Pine Cones For Decorating Christmas Table
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Use of Pine Cones For Decorating Christmas Table

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Today we see how to set the table Christmas in a simple and natural. We do not need too many ornaments and those who are found in nature. There has never seen a pine cone fall from his tree? Although the falling pine cones are very dangerous for the damages that are able to make the ornaments are perfect for Christmas, is to set the table is to decorate the whole house.

You can add the pine cones in garlands that you have learned to make at home, Can be colored with gold or silver spray paint, you can put on furniture to give a Nordic touch the house and you can put on the table Christmas in different ways, such as we find.


If you choose to place the pine cones of various sizes on your Christmas table mind you only falsely place them in a random. In fact you cannot ’throw’ at random. You have to put them where they form in the blanks. If you have a round or oval table positioned toward the center and if you have long, rectangular place them in corners. To give effect to the random number and does not mind you utilize of different formats. If you have the spray paint you can color some with gold or silver. The color of spray paint as according to the other decorations in the dining room or wherever you eat. Remember to do this a few days before to ensure that the paint to dry for good and the bad smell of this scattering. Another very pretty effect can be achieved with the snow spray that creates snow precisely on the pine cones.


Another way to decorate your table is to quickly create a simple centerpiece. Just get a flat of crystal or glass or the color of your room or decorations that you used. If you really do not have it you can also choose to lay a napkin on the plate with Christmas decorations or color you prefer. Inside this your store the cones always in random order; it’s too easy? You are right that is why we propose some ideas to embellish. Within your very natural centerpiece can also store dried fruit. If, however, sought to force something colorful you can put into your dish with pine cones also Christmas balls, or rather, what do you say to take some home with sequins? The effect is dazzling! Or you can use the flower buds, fake or real is up to you.


With pine cones can also create jars containing candles. So as you see in the picture you can take a simple jar (washed and dried), pour in the sugar, white or colored riporci a candle and place, if the pot is large enough, otherwise put the inside of pine cones to cones ’External perhaps accompanied in the leaves of various kinds. How could you do to understand the decorations with pine cones is very simple and super economic. The effect is of course absolutely beautiful theme.

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