Useful Tips for Sustaining a Long Distance Relationship
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Useful Tips for Sustaining a Long Distance Relationship

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People say “distances make hearts grow fonder”. It is not known whether it is true actually. Do distances truly make people grow closer towards each other or make them grow further apart?

Being in love or being in a relationship, both require companionship and togetherness. Long distance love relationships that force partners to meet each other only after long periods of time can prove to be the acid test for your relationship.

It is not easy being away when you desperately need your partner to be with you. It is not easy not to have someone near you to share your everyday joys and setbacks. When you need the person most by your side, you must depend on a phone call or sms or email to reach out to him or her. Long distance relationships thus need greater involvement and care than others to survive and sustain and some practical relationship advice can come in handy here. Here I am listing a few useful relationship tips to help you build a successful relationship, even if you are far away from your partner or spouse.

Keep in regular touch

Never take your relationship for granted, especially when your partner is miles away from you. Remember, just as much you miss your partner, he/she will be missing you too. Be in regular touch, just to communicate with your partner and let him know that you are thinking of him. Love relationships that survive despite long distances are built with great care.

Do not overdo it

Keeping in touch does not mean you badger him with messages every minute. Be subtle, be loving, and show that you remember and care. Nowadays we live in an over-communicated society with all kinds of technology and devices making communication easy. But remember to use all this only as much as necessary or it might end up as nagging and botheration and ruin your love or marriage relationship.

Be there when you are needed

Physically you may be miles apart. But when you love someone, you can make your presence felt in more ways than one.

Be there when your partner needs you. It might happen that the special person in your life is going through a bad day at work or has been hurt by a colleague. Or maybe she just needs a bit of advice on a new job offer.

In such times, a listening ear, a caring word, can make a huge difference. Do not dismiss this need with, “I am busy right now. Will talk to you in the evening.” That evening may be just too late. Even if you are in the middle of something important, spare a few seconds to listen to what your partner has to say, reassure her and tell her that you can talk about this in detail later. But do not let her feel that she is not important.

Send a little something

Who doesn’t love gifts? Even the smallest of gifts can light up someone’s day like no other, especially if that gift carries with it the emotion of love, respect and trust.

It does not matter how much the gift costs. Even diamonds may not bring about a smile on the face if they are given not with love but with a purpose of flaunting wealth and making the other person feel small. Such gifts are of no use in a love relationship or for that matter in any relationship.

Send a gift of love to your loved one, once in a while. It can be something as simple as a bouquet of flowers delivered as a surprise or a box of chocolates or a book which your partner would love.

Or you can choose a unique gift your loved one will cherish for a long time, such as an inspirational video gift wrapped in a delightful e-greeting card. These personalized inspirational videos can communicate your emotions to your soul mate in just the kind of words you would love to say but couldn’t think of yourself. Not only will such simple yet touching gifts brighten up your loved one’s day, she will remember them for a long time to come.

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