Using Micro Niche Finder to Get Profitable Niches
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Using Micro Niche Finder to Get Profitable Niches

Published by: Javed Khan (42)
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Whether you are an online content provider of have digital of physical goods that you sell online, the use of keywords is critical in helping you achieve your goal of making those sales.

A very productive keyword research will help you find some highly lucrative niches which you can use to attract people to your website.

One of the ways this works is by making sure you pick keywords that will give you high search volume but at the same time low competition. This is where you will need the help of the Micro Niche Finder to get this done.

It is a tool that is the creation of James Jones and what it does is that it gives affiliate marketers the ability to search and find the right kind of keywords that would help them target their sites better. They do this by using the keywords in blogs in and about their product or websites that will help boost search engine traffic. One of the stand out benefits of this tool is that it drastically reduces the time used to mine for keywords.

All that is needed is to have it installed in your system and once you pick a niche you want, enter the niche of your choice and you would put the Micro Niche Finder to work.

For instance you might want to become an affiliate marketer of an Amazon of Click bank product and after determining a product that is one of their best sellers by going to their site and searching for best selling products and picking one, all you need do is key in the name of the products like filling cabinets into the software and what it will do is to give you some two hundred results that are connected to that filing cabinet key words. Keyword phrases like free filing cabinet and cheap filing cabinet will be included.

All you then have to do is to go through them and delete those you don’t need like the ’free filing cabinets’ because you are obviously looking to sell. After you are satisfied with the first phase of editing, you can refine the search to reduce the list further. This is when you can nope set up the software to remove those phrases that have very low search volume i.e. People don’t take to entering then in search engines more than they do others. You may even give a range between 100 to 3000 searches.

Another way of refining is to get to know the level of competition you will get with that particular keyword phrase you have chosen because many might be using it as well. The Micro Niche Finder can also give you the degree of competition with each search results using a color code. Red means its highly competitive, yellow and green means that it is moderate and low respectively.

The Micro Niche Finder is really a simple software that can provide invaluable service for your online enterprise. It can also tell you if the key word in question is a registered domain name.

But it doesn’t just stop there, it gives you the number of back links for it and the number of people percentage wise who will possibly make purchase of an item with that keyword in mind. Micro Niche Finder will also tell you the number of sites that are in that niche, and even the cost per click on the ads places on the site if it is monetized with Google Adsense and if they use that keyword phrase to search.

The Micro Niche Finder is a product that provides a comprehensive package for the affiliate marketer.

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