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Vacation Rentals Fun Facts About All 50 States

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European trips have a powerful charm for travelers because of the history, the food, and the castles. But, there are many exciting things to do right here in our own 50 states. Awesome sight-seeing, great food and rich culture are not limited to our European cousins, the United States of America can provide just as much holiday fun as any European country. Here are 50 fun vacation specifics to help you on your way to your dream trip.

1.      Alabama- Civil War history is prevalent in this state. There are a number of different destinations, including the Confederacy White House.

2.      Alaska- Denali National Park is the perfect location for seeing the tallest mountain in the United States, Mt. McKinley, and for seeing Alaska’s wildlife.

3.      Arizona- What else can you do in Arizona but visit the beautiful Grand Canyon.

4.      Arkansas- Everyone in the family can enjoy trying their luck at the Arkansas Diamond Mine and if that doesn’t work out there is always the onsite water park.

5.      California- Redwood forests are old, giant, and astonishing, definitely worth a  visit.

6.      Colorado- Colorado’s six canyon rivers (Poudre Canyon, Browns Canyon, Ponderosa Gorge, Yampa, Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Glenwood Canyon)  are the perfect locations to indulge in white water rafting trips with or without a guide.

7.      Connecticut- The whole family can take pleasure in a vacation to The New England Air Museum located in Windsor Locks.

8.      Delaware- Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the ideal spot for you and your family to become familiar with all manner of wetland creatures.

9.      Florida- In Florida there is no greater attraction to go to than Disney World and all its sub-parks.

10.  Georgia- People of any age will all adore the world’s largest aquarium...the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

11.  Hawaii- Beaches, beaches and more beaches. When you get tired of the beaches or you are too sunburnt, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a great way to see nature in action.

12.  Idaho- Crater of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is a wonderful site for children and grown ups to explore enormous fields of lava flows. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is located near Sun Valley, Idaho.

13.  Illinois- The Lincoln Heritage Museum in Lincoln, Illinois, is home to the largest collection of artifacts from the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

14.  Indiana- Pay a visit to the personal home of our 23rd president, Benjamin Harris, in Indianapolis.

15.  Iowa- Spend a few days enjoying, shopping and discovering the National Historic District located in Downtown Fort Madison. This small town shows off high-quality examples of architecture dating as far back as 1870.

16.  Kansas- Take a trip to the Empire House at the historic Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita for a night of food, music and comedy and maybe a history lesson or two.

17.  Kentucky- Explore the Kentucky Derby and bet on on the finest looking horse.

18.  Louisiana- Bourbon Street is the place to go for excellent shops, food, and all around excitement.

19.  Maine- Spend a day taking pleasure in an old fashion boat trip on a Windjammer Cruise. These cruises are carried out on old fashioned sailing boats that can take you on a weekend trip or a day tour to a nearby island.

20.  Maryland- An afternoon with the Urban Pirates, located in Baltimore is the ideal outing for the whole family. Pirates take you on a boat ride that consists of things like pirate songs, games and treasure hunts.

21.   Massachusetts- Find out about the interesting history of whaling that use to prosper in this area during a trip to the Whaling Museum in Nantucket.

22.  Michigan- Understand the day of a miner at the Adventure Mining Company in Greenland. This old mining camp features top side tours and tours deep into the mine caves.

23.  Minnesota- Spend a day or two or three looking at the Mall of America in Bloomington. You can shop while the kids hang out at the LEGO Imagination Center.

24.  Mississippi- The Redding House, located in Biloxi, is a excellent spot for the whole family to understand a little bit about the history of Mississippi and admire some fine Greek Revival architecture.

25.  Missouri- Silver Dollar City a excellent place for the whole family to have some amusement enjoying food, rides and many different shows.

26.  Montana- Home to Glacier National Park...a terrific family place.

27.  Nebraska- See the old home of Buffalo Bill and check out other Wild West Show artifacts at the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park.

28.  Nevada- Lake Tahoe is without a doubt the prettiest and most attractive area for a family trip.

29.  New Hampshire- The Lakes District is one of the most gorgeous places in New Hampshire, perfect for swimming, boating, fishing or anything else you might take pleasure in on a lake.

30.  New Jersey- Atlantic City is a wonderful destination for all the family providing guests everything from carnivals to casinos. The 117 caves hide treasures of beauty and mystery.

31.  New Mexico- The Carlsbad Caverns is one of the best spots to stop by on a trip to New Mexico.

32.  New York- discover nature-made stone bridges and marble caves in Potterville at the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.

33.  North Carolina- Ghost Town in the Sky is a family friendly old west town and amusement park that will provide plenty of fun for the whole family.

34.  North Dakota- Fort Abraham Lincoln, at one time home to General Custer’s troops, is now a state park and a terrific area for history fans.

35.  Ohio- African Safari Wildlife Park, located close to Port Clinton, is a fantastic opportunity for the entire family to appreciate visiting African animals in a natural setting.

36.  Oklahoma- The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is a zoo for a real animal lover starring exotic animals such as leopards and flamingoes.

37.  Oregon- Portland, Oregon, hosts Saturday Market, a almost annual open air market that offers everything from bongs, to handmade wallets, to butter dishes.

38.  Pennsylvania- Gettysburg National Military Park was the location of one of the most fatal battles during the Civil War. Between the museum and the park site visitors will go with a improved knowledge of what occurred at Gettysburg.

39.  Rhode Island- Fort Adams, the most significant coastal fort in the United States, is definitely worth a visit when you are in or near Newport.

40.  South Carolina- Myrtle Beach is the best vacation spot for snorkeling, sun tanning, golfing, sailing and relaxing.

41.  South Dakota- The home of Mt. Rushmore, a must see national monument.

42.  Tennessee- Music fanatics will appreciate a visit to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

43.  Texas- The town of San Antonio is a terrific place to pay a visit to because it is the area of the Alamo and the San Antonio River Walk.

44.  Utah- Arches National Park gives spectacular scenery of sandstone sculptures shaped over time by the wind.

45.  Vermont- The Norman Rockwell Museum, located in Rutland, reveals one of the greatest collections of Norman Rockwell art.

46.  Virginia- Clinch Haven Farms, in Big Stone Gap, is a conventional, operating dairy farm that shows visitors a personal look at dairy production. Tourists can also take pleasure in a petting zoo and the ability to pick your own fresh vegetables.

47.  Washington- The location of the only temperate rainforest in the United States, located in the Olympic National Forest.

48.  West Virginia- Experience the life of the Swiss culture, without crossing the ocean, in the small town of Helvetia. This tiny town has maintained its historic roots and is now a fantastic location for the whole family to check out. 

49.  Wisconsin- Relax for a couple of days on the farm...that is the Glen Valley Farm in Oshkosh where you can play with farm animals, gather eggs, take pleasure in a sleigh ride, and get lost in a corn maze.

50.  Wyoming- Home to of the massive rock formation named Devils Tower. This 1,267 foot tall national monument is a must see when traveling to Wyoming.

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