Vegetables That Can Resist Aging Most
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Vegetables That Can Resist Aging Most

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Anti-aging is always the cause of every woman in all her life. However, if it only depends on skin care products, it is both expensive and “superficial”. If anti-aging can be achieved easily in daily life, isn’t that a wonderful thing? There are 10 kinds of vegetables recognized by the world that can both make you both enjoy the delicious food and maintain youthfulness at the same time. This fall, let us eat vegetables for anti-aging it!

Anti-aging vegetable one: broccoli

Recommended reason: Broccoli is rich in antioxidants, vitamin c and carotenoids. Cruciferous vegetables have been proved to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food by scientists proved to be, and fish is the best source of protein.

Anti-Aging vegetable two: melon

Recommended reason: the melon is rich in vitamin c, which can have a good moisturizing effect on the skin’s collagen and elastic fibers. Regular consumption can effectively resist the formation of early wrinkles, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Anti-aging vegetable three: onion

Recommended reason: this kind of vegetable that might be seen every day contains rich sulfur, which can help your skin and liver detoxify and rebuild connective tissue as well, such as collagen. Onion is the effective source of quercetin, which can help clear free radicals and lower blood pressure as well. So you can throw some onions into the dishes as ingredients when cooking!

Anti-aging vegetables four: cabbage

Recommended reason: cabbage is also cruciferous vegetable, which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene and so on. And the total vitamin content of cabbage is three times more than tomatoes. Therefore, it has a strong effect of antioxidant and anti- aging.

Anti-aging vegetable five: carrots

Recommended reason: Carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotenes. Vitamin A can keep the hair shiny and the skin delicate. Carotene can clear free radicals that cause aging. In addition, carrots contain B vitamins and vitamin C and other nutrients, which also have the effects of moistening skin and resist aging. The aroma of carrot is caused by volatile oil, which can improve digestion and sterilization.

Anti-aging vegetable six: tomatoes

Recommended reason: tomatoes are nutritious and low in calories, rich in acidic juice, rich in lycopene. Meanwhile, tomatoes contain not only lycopene that remove free radicals, but also many vitamins, minerals, trace elements, vitamin C, high-quality high-value dietary fiber and pectin nutrients.

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