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Vibram Five Fingers Best Partner for you

Published by: Catherine Woolf (195)
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Do you like going hiking? Well it is a good way for you to keep your health. I believe that most people may like it. Saying about go hiking, what is the most important things when you climb the mountain? It is a good pair of mountaineering shoes. High quality shoes may reduce your tired, and make it easier. So here’s come the Vibram five fingers.

Virbarm is the most famous rubber manufacturers in Italy. Its rubble used for the sole specially has perfect abrasive resistance, good skid resistance and the uniform texture, which get the approval of manufactures all around the world.

1935, the Italian man Vitable Brannni took a group of mountaineering team to Alps where they want to explore. Unfortunately, they met the blizzard. Among them, there were six people died because they had no time to go down. After this, Vitable thought it was the shoes that they worn causing this accident. At that time, the shoes used for mountaineering were made with the leather, then added the nail on the leather sole. It is heavy and inconvenient when using it. And also because of this tragedy, Vitale Bramnni devoted himself to develop a new generation of mountaineering sole.

 At last, in 1937, he developed the first dual-rubber soles in the world, and named it Vibram. It used special materials in the sole of Vibram shoes, which makes climbing shoes have the characters of excellent grip, lightweight, wear-resistant and durable. Soon, it replaced the nail and became the standard climbing shoes soles. Until nowadays, the Vibram gold octagonal logo, has become synonymous with quality and high functionality. The birth of Vibram five fingers changed the history of the shoes once more. In 2005, Vibram launched in Europe and the United States for Five fingers at the first time. It is a full set, a true “second skin“, which brought the concept of revolution to the “barefoot“ walking .

It is a revolutionary innovation designed for making the operation of human bones beome more natural and meridians without beam. Vibram Five fingers let your feet become health effectively.,  increase the range of foot movement of the foot and leg muscles. Besides, it enhanced the sensor to receive foot which keep the body balanced and agile important element; it prompted the former sole (traditional of running shoes promoted in the heelpiece). It is a more natural way to reduce the running knee, hip and lower back impact, which let running more safety and health.

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So do you want to let your journey become easier, just have a pair of Vibram Five fingers? It is a good partner for you when you travelling.


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