Vintage Lockets- Charm For The Newer Generations
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Vintage Lockets- Charm For The Newer Generations

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Vintage lockets are the ones that have been in use of man for ages and now have become a charm for the newer generations. Much like collecting stamps and stones collecting vintage lockets is more like a hobby for many people. Rather an expensive and artistic hobby. These people are always in a search of finding an antique locket wherever they go and have a great collection which they value and present to the world. Many museums also offer exhibits of these lockets. One of the most celebrated one is the Bead Museum of Washington DC that houses a very large collection of such jewellery. One cannot do anything other than just wonder and appreciate the great work and artistic ideas of the artisans who created them.

Wearing the vintage lockets has become a great fashion trend in today world. Many of the designers make this kind of vintage inspired jewellery which is very much in vogue among the youth. Wearing this kind of stuff is more like fun and celebration. The most popular of these lockets are those of Victorian era that were heavy in look and very fine in design. The Edwardian jewelry is also very famous among the people of today.

The lockets can be work in the neck by a chain or in the hand in the form of bracelets. They can be acquired in various shapes that may be round, oval or heart shaped. The heart shaped lockets have been in trend for centuries and are generally given to the most love ones on occasions like weddings and Valentine day. Some of them contain a space where you can hold the picture of anybody you value. Most of the lockets can embrace either one or two pictures. But many of such lockets have been designed that can hold as many as eight pictures. Some of the lockets even contain a perfume that releases a sweet smell to get rid of the body odor. Keepsake lockets are so designed that they can keep an important thing like the lock of the hair from someone beloved.

The price range of these vintage lockets is variable and can fit into any budget that you can think of. Some of them are even make up of the gold and silver or have studded gems that add to their value and may cost even thousands of dollars. However the simple ones, with fancy artistic work have their own place in the world of jewelry and cost only a few dollars.

When you are in a market to get some vintage lockets you must always see the condition of the locket you are going to buy. It will not be right that you buy something paying a lot of cost with a damaged stone that would not get repaired easily later. Also check that the locket you are buying has a place holder for a chain or something else. Some of the vintage lockets may be pinned in the suit you are wearing. Getting this kind of lockets may be an added pleasure.

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