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Vishakha Nakshatra Astrology for Male Female

Published by: Anjali Kohli (8)
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Vishakha is the 16th Nakshatra of Hindu astrology and is ruled by the planetary forces of Agni and Indra. This nakshatra spans across the constellation of Libra in the night sky. Its ruling elements, Agni and Indra are symbols of power, position and authority and the same characteristics reflect in this nakshatra as well. It is known to signify purpose and meaning in life. Besides this it also has other meanings like poison vessel, branched or forked. Among many other meanings, one of it includes ’Radha’ which signifies delightfulness and this name also happens to be the love interest of Lord Krishna, who is one of the most revered gods in Hinduism. The natives who belong to this nakshatra have very attractive physical characteristics with a round and bright face. They have a very good looking appearance with a matching personality. They also have other attractive personality traits like they are very energetic and full of vigour. They are always ready to take up any challenge and overcome them with full determination. They are also very religious and have strong faith in god. Besides they are also truthful and honest and live their life on their own principles. They have a very modern outlook and do not like being confined by orthodox ideas and rituals. They are easily adaptable to new things and environment around them. The natives of this nakshatra have a jubilant personality and they bring an air of joy and celebration wherever they go. They are respectful towards others and always consider their views and opinions on issues and matters. They are very good listeners and learners and are always open to new ideas and activities. They are religious and spiritual but not superstitious. They believe in the higher power but will not blindly do things to please him. These people are also firm believers in the Gandhian thoughts of non-violence and austerity. They believe in peaceful coexistence of themselves with others. They are very keen and sharp and always ready to learn new things. This is one of their most positive traits which make them always open to new and modern ideas. They are always ready to shed their orthodox thoughts and give modernity a chance. They are always determined to do the right thing and are full of energy and enthusiasm and are also single minded. They are strong headed and once they decide to do something they will always complete it. Their resolution to do something is one of their strongest traits and they can go to any extent to keep their word and fulfil their promises. They are achievement oriented and will work hard to make their dreams come true. As they are highly focused and determined, if by any chance things don’t turn out the way they want to, it might have a serious impact on them and very difficult to cope with, they will turn to unsocial and evil practices like drugs, sex and alcohol. They are always willing to give their hundred percent and are so involved in their work that if it fails it becomes difficult for them to accept it and they become a mess. They are always restless and most of the time never happy with their accomplishments. They are always aiming for the next big thing, which is good in a way, but puts too much pressure on them. This might make them frustrated and they are constantly worrying about what they don’t have instead of enjoying what they have. They have this strange habit of complicating things and taking issues the other way round. Sometimes they themselves are the biggest hurdle in their own path of success. They are constantly searching for something and never happy with what they get. Based on their characteristics some of the most suitable career options for them are politics. They are good orators and have the power to convince people with their words and speeches. They can easily mesmerize people with their words. This quality will also help them do well in other professions like hospitality, business, teachers, orators, anchors etc. They also have the sense of discipline and determination to be in high posts and responsible positions. The natives of this nakshatra are always devoid of their mother’s love because of one reason or other, thus it is very important for them to choose a good life partner based on their compatibility. These natives are compatible with natives of nakshatra like Swati, Ashwini and Bharini. They are highly incompatible with natives of nakshatras like Ardra and Purva Phalguni. Male Natives - The male natives of this nakshatra have a very dominating and appealing personality and appearance. They have round faces and are naturally attractive. They are considered to be highly brave and vigorous. They are strong from both inside and outside and have firm thoughts and beliefs. They are practical people who do not waste time being emotional. They are very spiritual and believe in the divine presence but do not easily fall prey to superstitions. They are always ready for change and modernity. They are also peace loving individuals who believe in the principle of non-violence. They have a highly moral character and will usually do well in life. In matters of family they might not be lucky to get unconditional love and support from their family, especially their mother, but will be very much attached to their wife and children. Female Natives – The female natives of this nakshatra will also have more or less the same characteristics of their male counterparts but will be different in their own ways. They are born naturally beautiful and have a gorgeous personality with attractive features. They have quite a strong and powerful personality but are also very humanitarian and compassionate. They always shower their love and care on people that are around them. They are spiritual and religious people who always choose to see the good side of people. They are usually peace loving and quite people but should not be mistaken for timid and fragile, for they know how to defend themselves. They are very simple and are far away from vanity. They are pure souls who carry no pretention with themselves.
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Astrologers Pt. Narayan Bhatt (Founder of Birth Time Rectification, Indian Vedic Horoscope Astrology Online) is a famous Astrologer, Palmist, Vishakha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology and Vastu Consultant from Delhi NCR India.
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