Visiting Pittsburgh? Catch a Ball Game at PNC Park
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Visiting Pittsburgh? Catch a Ball Game at PNC Park

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If you find yourself in or around the Pittsburgh area and you’re looking for something to do, consider catching a baseball game to PNC Park. It’s home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, a major league baseball team. The stadium is very open and friendly, and you’ll enjoy a great game of baseball while enjoying some hot dogs or other snacks. It’s the perfect way to spend a fun afternoon during your visit to Pittsburgh, and if you are staying overnight there are a number of PNC Park luxury hotels located nearby.

PNC Park sits in the heart of Pittsburgh. It is visible from many of the major areas of the city, and is easy to get to. If you are driving they have parking, or you can use public transportation, walk, or even take a water limo! There are a number of office buildings nearby, as well as plenty of shops and restaurants. If you have time before or after the game, you can take a stroll and take in all of the fun places that downtown Pittsburgh has to offer.

About the Pirates and PNC Park

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been in major league baseball from the early days, as the team was formed in 1887. However, PNC Park is a relatively new stadium for them, as it was only built in 2001. It’s the second smallest of any major league baseball stadium, which gives it a more cozy feel than some of the others. Tickets are very reasonably priced, so it won’t break the bank to catch a game. The stadium also has a number of eateries, and the section called “Tastes of Pittsburgh“ offers not only what you think of when you think of traditional baseball food, like hot dogs and french fries, but also some unique cuisine.

Staying at a Nearby Hotel

PNC Park is close to nice hotels, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a play to stay. If you’re looking to stay in style, check out some of the luxury hotels just a short trip away from the ball field. If you’re planning an outing to Pittsburgh and you plan to make a baseball game part of your trip, you’ll definitely want to look into Pittsburgh Pirates hotel rooms.

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PNC Park luxury hotels are located very near to where the game is on. Pittsburgh Pirates hotel rooms are excellent options if you are planning a trip to Pittsburgh with the baseball game as a part of the trip.

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