Waiting for the So called Outcome Bitterly
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Waiting for the So called Outcome Bitterly

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People may miss many things in their lives, whether love or goods, and most of the time, the result is not satisfactory and desirable, and yet there are so many people running forward non-stop.

Many times I think that people in this life, are in a hurry and they work harder, what exactly do they pursue? Living in the complex and blatant world, there are too many people getting lost nature and forgetting themselves. I have repeated told the people around me that do not forget the fundament, but the temptation in the world is so strong, strong to make everyone is willing to forget his most original, but there are too many people still do not know enough. Just like love, for men, what they cannot get is the best, but when they get it, they will not cherish it. Because of strong self-esteem of men, they do not allow themselves to be defeated on something. So when they are interested in some people and things, they will desperately want to own. Once they cannot get, it will have been buried in the heart, never misses. But once they have owned, over time, everything has changed faded.

Men see women like drinking a cup of coffee, and he will never experience the taste, but they only care about the external. At first, there will be a very strong favor, but wait a long time, the favor dispersed, they lost interest. However, they ignore the most fundamental, I think women like coffee. When you start to drink into the mouth, you will feel bitter and astringent, but stay in the mouth for a while, it is sweet and wonderful feeling. Men will appreciate the external forever, but not always concern about the internal.

This fall is exceptionally comfortable and quiet, but also exceptionally long. It has no heat in the summer and has no cold in the winter, which let people feel so elegant and harmonious, but also, add a little more sadness. I do not know whether this fall is to tell people of its existence and independence of possession, so that we do not have to wait for the winter that snow flutter in the vast expanse of the world, or we abandon all unhappiness and sadness, to meet the new quarter of winter and future. 

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