Washington DC Students Choose a BFA Degree
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Washington DC Students Choose a BFA Degree

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For Washington DC students who have a passion for the arts, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from area Northern Virginia colleges may be the perfect outlet. These programs allow artists to workshop their techniques and build pre-professional portfolios. Most importantly, students are able to complement their studies with a breadth of knowledge in the other liberal arts and fine arts in the humanities fields.

What Will You Learn in Art School?

Most Northern Virginia BFA programs require that students take a variety of subjects in the broad fields of the sciences and the other arts, and they may sometimes be able to choose electives in business or marketing courses. These courses give artists techniques for making crossovers into the commercial sectors and allow them to develop skills to market and sell their art.

Many BFA degree programs also spend a great deal of time helping students take advantage of technology such as Photoshop imaging. Today, these technologies provide expansive pallets for BFA students under which they can create for theater, dance, music and the visual arts. The ways in which art’s impact on forms and processes produce other new forms and processes are explored in a variety of ways and through a variety of mediums.

Experiences Outside the Classroom

Northern Virginia has many public and private art centers. Some Northern Virginia colleges have launched programs that promote trips to art galleries, museums, theaters and other performance areas. These visits allow an essential period of engagement for the BFA student to study and grow with first-hand experiences of art and art events.

Artists must always be involved in the activity of conceptualizing or making art. Northern Virginia BFA programs, like other schools, offer mentors and role models to help young artists develop the critical skills needed to produce art from its conceptualization and to manage it into its final stages.

Art school is a truly unique experience and for students who are serious about their pursuits, a BFA program is a great option. Students can focus on their passion, while learning practical applications for art. They can also meet new and interesting people, collaborate with people who have the same (or completely different) talents, and immerse themselves in all things artistic. And it can all be done close to home for Washington area students.

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