We believed males and females would embrace a brand
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We believed males and females would embrace a brand

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“Come and satisfy Shakespeare for just about any producing lesson–so you can craft a book. Or can be found throughout the Inventor mercenary, then by leveling up and upgrading that mercenary, you could have Da Vinci fighting alongside you…” Recently, NDOORS Interactive’s free-to-play MMO has launched. Atlantica on the net gives traditional turn-based RPG combat coupled with deep strategic gameplay to the on the net multiplayer world! Atlantica on the net is founded on Earth, in the parallel reality that requires game fanatics through a wow gold for sale fabulous trip to uncover the lost secrets and techniques of Atlantis. With its heavy emphasis on strategy, Atlantica was founded to stand out among the ‘cookie-cutter’ MMOs. The strategic gameplay incorporated to the turn-based combat, mercenary and country software techniques will appeal to tactic and RPG players. recently MMOsite requires an in-depth glimpse into NDOORS Interactive’s MMORPG, Atlantica on the net with Atlantica’s producer, Kim Tae Gon. allow him give us extra particulars about Atlantica Online.

MMOsite: earliest congratulations for Atlantica’s standard start on Oct. 30, 2008. How several game fanatics are within your online game now? And how concerning the suggestions through the game fanatics so far?

Kim: The response from game fanatics remains to be fantastic, with extra and extra game fanatics coming on board to provide Atlantica a try. The suggestions remains to be great, too. It appears the online game is o9txBsBI hitting a nerve with players, also it is just thrilling to research the good experiences males and females are possessing actively playing the game.

MMOsite: How would you describe Atlantica to all those that are unfamiliar using the game? What led that you create a turn-based tactic game, instead of one more genre?

Kim: Atlantica is typically a globe-hopping thrill ride that consider game fanatics near to the Earth, to well-known locales such as the pyramids of Egypt as well as the fabulous Wall of China to combat monsters used from legends and myth, all so that you simply can can be found throughout the lost civilization of Atlantis and also to help save the world. It consists of some special qualities for an MMO game. The earliest could be the ability to possess several characters recognized as mercenaries who accompany you in battle. The next notable function could be the turn-based buy wow items combat, in which you possess a limited amount of your time to proceed your several characters. The mixture of those two calls for that you create utilization of tactic and quick-thinking to defeat your opponents.

The trigger we made a turn-based tactic online game was to create a online game that breaks through the norm within your earth of MMORPGs. We do not desire to create however one more real-time online game in which game fanatics should hack and slash their way through a fake, fantasy world. We believed males and females would embrace a brand brand new online game possessing a completely different type of gameplay, wrapped up in the deep and wealthy atmosphere that is common to them – the exact earth with tale factors used from our planet’s history.

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