We had be a rubbish nation without Wheelie bins
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We had be a rubbish nation without Wheelie bins

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Can you remember the days when bin men used to collect your rubbish once a week, a time when they had to lift rubbish bins into the back of their wagon? Those days are long gone, today the old types of refuse containers have been replaced with Wheelie bins and the vast majority of households now have at least one wheelie bin outside their property. 

In many instances a property might have four Wheelie bins sat outside, comfortably catering for all the household’s waste requirements.

It’s the local authorities who supply the Wheelie bins to homes throughout the UK.  They come in various colours and people are instructed to place specific items of waste within the different types of Wheelie bins.
Popular colours for Wheelie bins

Black is a popular colour for Wheelie bins.  A number of local authorities provide homes in the area with black Wheelie bins to fill with general household rubbish.  Green is another prominent colour for Wheelie Bins and quite often they are supplied for garden waste.  Brown Wheelie Bins are sometimes used to collect glass bottles, whereas a blue Wheelie bin is normally used for waste newspapers and magazines. 
Of course, different councils decide what colour their Wheelie bins will be and it does vary from one region to the next.  Yellow and red Wheelie bins are used by some local authorities; it all depends on their council’s policy. 

Are all Wheelie bins made to the same specification?   

Not at all!  The quality of the Wheelie bin will differ depending on which manufacturer has made the product.

 One of the leading lights in the industry is Wheelie bins Ltd and they produce the finest bins on the market.  They offer a total one stop solution for clients looking for the highest grade Wheelie Bins, other bins are rubbish compared to their class-leading items.  Different sizes of Wheelie bins are available from this reputable source ranging from two-wheeled 120litre bins to huge 110litre galvanized products suitable for industrial purposes.  

Wheelie bins have become such a familiar sight on the streets of the UK that it’s hard to imagine life without them now.  We’d be pretty lost without the humble wheelie bin taking care of our waste requirements.

Simon Liva - About the Author:

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