We Should Learn to Start Again
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We Should Learn to Start Again

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I like to see celebrity biography when I was a child, once I saw the experience of Edison in his lifetime, I cannot forget it.

Like later in his life, his lab accidently caught fire, and everything instantly came to naught. This is all the efforts of his life, including those important experimental data and information. You can imagine a person who considered science as life when he suddenly lost everything, how painful he would be. Although the old man was very sad, he was not discouraged, and re-established his laboratory. Even the wife usually supported him tried to persuade him, his age is so big, do not spend so much energy building it. But Edison did not listen to the advice, and said that he would start again. So the old man firmly began to build up his laboratory, in order to make a very great scientific and human contribution. Of course, the new laboratory was established not after a very long time. Although the valuable information was destroyed, those experiences were in the experimenter’s mind. So Edison could set up as soon as possible.

From this story I often think: a person’s life cannot always be smooth, and when life reaches a certain height, or have made some achievements, if you encounter some unexpected natural disasters or man-made things, you would lose the so-called glory and success. Many people would be sad, many people would recover from this, and immersed in the pain all day.

However, some people encounter this situation will be very sad, but they understand that bring down their body, which is helpless. So they choose to come out and start again as soon as possible from the kind of bad mood, with a more mature attitude to face all, to create their cause with their heart, and their own future. This is also because of their experience, contacts still in, so after they make efforts for a period of time, everything will go back to the past. I think at this moment they will cherish what they got.

So I think life is just like so. It is said to be “smooth sailing“, which is just a blessing of the language. In practice this possibility is small. So when we are facing with setbacks and pressure, our hearts cannot be thrown in the towel first, we all know everything is done according to the situation, but we should make efforts to fight. Whatever the result is, we all have started again and have tried.

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