Wearing Canvas Shoes Every Day Will Have Great Harm
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Wearing Canvas Shoes Every Day Will Have Great Harm

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Introduction: The hot summer has completely receded, so sandals also follow the suit. They are laid off and followed by nude shoes. And among the nude shoes, canvas shoes are most favored by people. However, the herbalist doctors have to remind you that you’d better not wear canvas shoed every day! Do you wear canvas shoes every day? Then there will be great harm.

Canvas shoes are characterized by fashion and lightness, wear resistance and durability, appropriate price and varied matching, becoming the favorite shoes of many people. The worldwide sales of canvas shoes are over 600 million pairs, setting the record of a single kind of shoes sales around the world. From this, I think you will understand why people like them so much.

But experts advise that you’d better not wear canvas shoes for many days continuously, not to mention wear it to exercise, because this may cause your feet hurt. Good sports shoes should have the functions of light, anti-twisting, shocking proof, anti-slip, absorb sweat and so on. In that case, the shoes can not only improve the performance of athletes, but also reduce the risk of injuries for athletes. The body of canvas shoes is too soft; especially the bottom part of the heel and the middle part of the bottom are not thick enough, so the stability of canvas shoes is not high. And the shocking proof of gluey shoe bottom is poor, so you should not be wearing them to participate in vigorous exercise, such as basketball, football and so on. However, as for jogging, jumping rope and other less intense exercise, it is proper to wear canvas shoes.

In addition, the ventilation of canvas shoes is poor. Long-term wearing will make your feet in humid environments for a long time, thus causing sweat herpes and eczema, or further infection of other skin diseases, such as athlete’s foot, erysipelas, etc. During the development of young children, you have to be more careful, because their foot development are not mature, thus canvas shoes can easily lead to flat feet.

Therefore, in order to protect the foot health, do not wear canvas shoes every day. Do you wear canvas shoes every day? There will be great harm. When wearing shoes, you should change frequently, thus protecting both feet and shoes.

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