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Web Lingo & Work At Home Ideas

Published by: Shaly Criston (30)
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We all know the internet has its own web lingo. In order to understand the internet world and start working from home, you must make yourself familiar with the terms used in the internet. Similarly, when moms who want to start working at home first explore the working ideas on the internet, they usually do not understand the terms and how to use those ideas to start making money. Therefore, here are a few of the terms that are most frequently used in work at home ideas:


AdSense is arguably the most popular brand of advertising. AdSense is basically an advertising service provided by the Google. Google AdSense allows bloggers and website owners to show their Ads on the website and each click on those ads earn them revenue. So, if you are good at writing, you can create your own blog or website and start using AdSense to start your work from home.

Paid Surveys

“Paid surveys” is also another popular term in the Web Glossary. It is also a method to earn money from home for most moms. For earning money via paid surveys, you have to register for a survey website that will guide you in taking surveys and filling out the information. So, you are paid money per survey taken on the basis of its length.

Content Writer

If you have been searching for a work at home job, you must have gone through a term “Content Writer”. Content writing is nothing more than writing content for several companies or individuals. It is one of the most popular works at home jobs for moms across the globe. So, if you have the skills to write attractive and elegant content, you can always search more about content writing projects and earn a handsome amount of money.

However, none of the client would tolerate plagiarism, so stay away from it. You will have to write 100% original content. Once you have developed this tendency to write original and attractive content, you will be amazed to observe the benefits.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a frequently repeated term in the web lingo. Affiliate marketing means that you advertise a product or service relevant to your blog or a website. Now, if a visitor of your website buys that product or service by going to the link posted on your website, you will earn a predetermined percentage of the revenue of that purchase.

For instance, you can have a blog dedicated to Acne treatments and skin care. In such case, you can advertise a skin care or acne removal product on your website. So, once a visitor develops interest in your website, he might go to the link posted on your website and buy the relevant product.


Finally, selling services also help a lot of moms earn a handsome amount of money at home. However, you must have some useful skills to offer services like website designing, search engine optimization, proofreading, etc.

Shaly Criston - About the Author:

So, now that you have learnt these terms and how they work, you will have a better picture to start making money for yourself from home. For more information go through web glossary or visit topwahms.com.

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