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Wedding Flower Solutions

Published by: Judy Ashwell (5)
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Weddings from Rainbow Florist and Delectables are always memorable. Bouquets, centerpieces, pew decor and ceremony settings…there are many ways flowers can influence the look of your wedding. But most couples don’t have a budget to match their Pinterest dreams. Here are some ways to use flowers for maximum effect. 1. Choose Large Flowers Some flowers come in big, voluminous blooms. If you choose some of these, you don’t have to order as many to create major impact. Some flowers which fill space well are: - Roses - Tulips - Peonies - Calla Lilies - Irises - Hydrangea - Carnations 2. Add Fruit to Your Centerpieces Not every element of your arrangements has to be comprised of flowers. Fruit and flowers, what could be better than that? So delightful, so delicious, so different! In fact, it’s the perfect blend of beauty and bounty! Adding fruit to centerpieces will add a touch of whimsy. 3. Research at Online Florist Online shopping has become huge in this digital world, and the flower industry is following suit. So, if you are looking for beautiful wedding flowers on a budget, checking out some wedding flowers from one of the leading flower shops in laurel MD is the right choice. 4. Consider Seasonal Flowers Most flowers have a season when they’re grown locally. When flowers are in season, they are less costly than when they are out of season. Your florist can work with you to choose what’s best. Flowers and Seasons Summer Roses, sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, gerbera daisies, peonies, stock, delphiniums, irises, calla lilies, lisianthus Spring Roses, tulips, peonies, anemones, calla lilies, hyacinths, irises, hydrangea, lily of the valley, sweet pea Winter Roses, tulips, hydrangea, amaryllis, lilies, orchids, stephanotis, ivy, evergreens Fall Roses, gerbera daisies, hydrangea, delphinium, amaryllis, carnations, viburnum, irises, narcissus, autumn leaves, pumpkins Choose the Best Florist Although many popular flower types like roses, orchids and lilies are available all-year round, others are not. Out of season flowers can be imported, however this is often at a cost. If you want to keep a firm reign on your flower costs it is advisable to be in-tune with nature and plan your wedding flowers around the season you are marrying in. People who know flowers usually have all kinds of ideas about how to create beautiful wedding flowers on a budget. If you’re not flower savvy, then it’s a good idea to spend some time talking to a Laurel Florist for great advice.
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