Wellco Boots for Combat in Hot Weather Conditions
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Wellco Boots for Combat in Hot Weather Conditions

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Wellco boots designed for hot weather conditions come in several different full and half sizes with a standard height of 8 inches. The boots are known to be compliant to 670-1 regulations with all the perfect features needed to keep the feet fresh and cool in hot weather conditions. There are 8 inch black leather tactical boots which feature a compression moulded EVA midsole that supports the arch of the feet and provides shock absorbing capabilities. The Wellco Sniper outsole is used for good traction on all kinds of surfaces. The Sniper in these boots comes with an impressive drain vent system. This enhances the ventilation inside the boots allowing movement of air in and out of them for greater comfort to the feet.

The Wellco boots for hot weather boast of the Sniper instep which too helps in enhancing breathability of the boots. Besides, SuperFabric technology is used for greater durability and abrasion resistance. Nylon is also used in some boots for resistance to abrasive surfaces. SuperFabric in particular, helps in preventing damage to the boots during rope control tread. The uppers in some of the boots are made of cordura or flesh-out leather that provides durability as well as breathability. The boots are designed to meet NIR requirements and offer protection from harmful UV rays as well. An impressive feature seen in these boots is the presence of TUFFkushion sole construction, which uses premium quality polyurethane. This cushioning provides excellent comfort to the feet especially on hard surfaces.

Some Wellco boots also boast of Wellco high density non melting PU outsole which is durable on unfriendly terrains and also provides good footing. Traction is offered by the outsole with pattern work. Two interesting technologies used in these boots include the soling system and the insole system. ArcLite FR dual density rubber is used for the soling system for much better performance. The sole is flame resistant too along with being comfortable and highly resilient. Besides, Signature Elite insole is used for internal comfort of the feet. The combination of a good insole and a good outsole make these boots very reliable. The latest technology combined with well researched, sharp design, make the boots comfortable and yet secure in all conditions.

Wellco boots are both oil and slip resistant thanks to the Wellco Resistor outsole seen in some models. The Resistor outsole offers great protection against abrasive surfaces, chemicals and animal fats. Non-tracking rubber is used in the outsole for surfaces which are slippery and hard to tread on. There is a steel toe that meets the ASTM standards. Most of the boots from Wellco have a cushioned insole which protects the feet from impact and strain, while also padding them and absorbing shock. Some boots come with a waterproof membrane along with a Vibram Chevron outsole. Removable foot bed of polyurethane is seen in some boots offering protection to the heels from harder terrains. All in all, the boots are waterproof from outside and puncture resistant, while keeping the feet in good shape and condition.

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