What Are Some Termite Treatment Options in My Area
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What Are Some Termite Treatment Options in My Area

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Finding small bugs travelling through your home’s the walls can be quite devastating – to both you and your home. The good news though, is there are a variety of options for removing troublesome termites from your home. While calling in termite treatment professionals is the first step, you should also survey your home for any potential areas that could have acted as an invitation for the unwelcome home-wreckers.

Termites are most frequently found in areas where wood makes direct contact with soil, but they can also seek out stored newspapers, cardboard boxes, construction debris, and similarly organic waste. Removing these, when possible, is a good way to ensure that the pests won’t return. It is also suggested that homeowners fix leaky spouts, faucets, and get rid of any sitting water around the house, as the insects enjoy moist environments.

Once you have placed the phone call and finished cleaning up any potential problem areas, it might be good to consider the treatment options that are available for termite control. Keep in mind, however, that termite control is a job for the professionals. It is possible to contaminate your living areas, you water supplies, and more, making your home an unsafe place for you and your loved ones. For this reason and because of the fact that control can be a very difficult and tedious process, it is never recommended that you attempt to cure the problem on your own.

Chemical Barrier Treatment and Prevention

The title says it all with this form of treatment. Contrary to common misperception, termites do not always live in the wood of the home. In the vast majority of cases, their nest exists in the soil just outside. Laying down a barrier that does not allow them to pass between the food source (wood, cardboard, etc.) and their colony is a very fast and effective way to rid your home of the pests. Within a few days, a house will typically be termite-free. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this method. Many of the chemicals can leach into the soil. That makes the treatment less effective and can also be damaging to the environment, as well as a potential threat to clean water supplies. The process can also involve ripping up flooring and drilling through concrete in order to ensure that the barrier extends beneath the house as well. In addition, the chemicals are often detected by termites before they come in contact with it, which lessens, so, although they may leave the house alone, they are not tru
ly eliminated, which risks re-invasion.

TermidorFor Termite Control

Like the chemical barrier, this method of termite control does rely on precision placement of the concoction around and beneath the home. The thing that this newer form of treatment has over the original, however, is that it is invisible to the creatures it aims to get rid of. Termites cannot detect Termidor. They move through it, eat around it, and carry it back to their nest. It is also highly effective at much smaller doses than the original chemical barriers, which means less risk to the environment, while homeowners continue to enjoy the speed and effectiveness.

If you suspect you have termites, contact Hopper Environmental Services today. Hopper will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and then recommend a treatment plan tailored to your situation, your structure’s construction, where it is situated and the degree of infestation.

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