What are the career options after a product designing course?
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What are the career options after a product designing course?

Published by: Ritwik kapoor (31)
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The detailed specification of a manufactured item’s parts and their relationship to the whole. A product design has to be taken into account on how the item will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. The product will also need to be capable of being made economically affordable and attractive to their customers. The designing of a product needs an analytical process and it relies on the problem-solving approach taken for improving the quality of the product which has been delivered to the customer. Product designing is essentially about problem solving and visualizing the needs of the use while providing them with a solution. Product design includes both physical aspects and functionalities of the product. Product designers also work with professionals like engineers and marketers. Product design is all about creating three dimensional products after the process of idea generation, development and evaluation. A product designer has an understanding of the connection between art, science and evaluation. Through product design courses, a student will learn about the methods of using all these fields for creating various new products. Product innovations can heavily affect the way we carry out simple daily tasks. On a higher level, a new design is helpful for changing the way an individual handles day to day tasks and it can also be helpful in saving lives. Career options after graduating from product designing courses: 1. Graphic designer: A graphic designer is someone who works on different types of products and activities like websites, advertising books, magazines and posters. They will also have to work to a brief agreed with the client, creative director or account manager and they will develop good creative plans and concepts for the client’s vision. 2. CAD technician: A CAD technician will usually work in engineering, manufacturing and construction industries and they specialize in technical field like mechanical, electrical, structural, control and instrumentation or piping design. 3. Advertising art director: An advertising art director may have to work with a copywriter. The copywriter will provide the words which will accompany the visuals that are created by the art director. Product designing courses will help the students learn how to make these visuals. These roles will now become more blurred and they are likely to have an input in the visual and the written content of the campaign. 4. Product manager: A product manager is someone who will work with a team who makes the product, they also use the product and those who manage the products business, so it will meet everyone’s needs. 5. Automotive engineer: An automotive engineer is someone who will design, develop and manufacture the vehicles like cars, motorbikes, buses and trucks. They will need a combination of engineering and commercial skills.
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