What Can Web Design Classes Teach You?
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What Can Web Design Classes Teach You?

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Not too long ago, web design was still the domain of a few technical gurus and self-taught professionals hand-editing HTML for their hobby sites. The ethic of self-education is still present in many top web designers today, even those who rely on software packages and development tools to aid them in their work. But formal, classroom-based web design training is proving increasingly vital in an environment dominated by constantly changing technology and internet applications with a steep learning curve.

Web Design Students Can Benefit from a Structured Environment

Success in a formalized learning environment that has a published curriculum with goals and benchmarks teaches web design students to meet deadlines and produce projects to specifications. The classroom also provides an environment where students can learn to accept feedback and constructive criticism.

Web design training in a classroom is inherently collaborative, and mimics the work environment that awaits web design grads in most places. Whether a designer works for a company or freelances from home, all web designers will be exposed to collaborative design sessions in one form or another. Working with an instructor and fellow students in a classroom simulates this to a certain degree and provides invaluable experience learning to operate as part of a team.

The diversity of subject matter is also a key component in web design school. Classroom learning environments typically expose students to a broader base of knowledge than they might otherwise even know exists. Teaching oneself xml, html, java, and flash at home is all well and good and can be a great starting point, but a classroom experience can tie it all together and introduce the web designer to other, less well known standards and tools.

Web Design Classes Provide Portfolio Material

Practically speaking, pursuing a web design degree can allow the student to try new approaches and new methods in a safe environment. It allows for mentoring and personal growth, and the space to develop a personal style and touch that is appropriate and marketable. Finally, the work done during a classroom course can form the nexus of a portfolio which is an essential component of any web designer’s CV.

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