What Foods Are Recommended to Eat in Autumn
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What Foods Are Recommended to Eat in Autumn

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The recipe of our every meal changes with seasons. The autumn is coming now, and we could taste some delicious foods which are popular in autumn. In the following text, I will recommend several kinds of foods people could eat to improve health in autumn.

Comprehensive anti-cancer foods – Asparagus

The quality of all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements containing in asparagus is higher than other vegetables, but it contains lower calories and carbohydrate. People are easy to get inflamed in the beginning of autumn, so it is a good choice to eat some asparagus. Eating asparagus is good for heart disease, hypertension, tachycardia, fatigue and obesity. Asparagus is also rich in folic acid, and every 5 asparaguses contain more than 100 micrograms of folic acid to meet the 25% amount of daily demand. What’s more, it can promote cell growth and prevent the spread of cancer. It has special effect in treating bladder cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. To women, it could protect skin from the oxidation of UV to keep skin white.

King of vegetables – Cabbage

Cabbage contains high nutrition value with lowest calories. And it plays an important role in preventing aging. Regular consumption of cabbage can improve the body’s immune system and prevent the frequent incidence of cold. Fresh cabbages also contain fungicides, and its anti-inflammatory effect makes it have certain role in treating sore throat and insect bites. It also contains ulcer healing factor to accelerate the wound healing. It could also promote digestion and prevent constipation, so it is the ideal foods for patients of obesity and diabetes.

Antihypertensive drugs in the tables – Celery

Celery contains high iron content and rich potassium, so it is the first choice for patients of hypertension and edema. Its price is also very cheap. Celery leaves contain the most nutrients, including calcium, iron, potassium and so on. Its specific aroma can enhance the appetite. Celery juice could regulate the blood sugar, which could neutralize the acid substances in uric acid and body. The large amounts of crude fiber containing in celery can speed up the gastrointestinal motility, promote bowel movement and prevent constipation and abdominal obesity.

There is no doubt that eating the above three foods are effective in protecting health in autumn.

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