What Harmful Eating Habits People Often Ignore
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What Harmful Eating Habits People Often Ignore

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If people are worry about their health status and want to improve the situation, I think it is very necessary to correct some bad eating habits they may often ignore.

Do not eat fruits as staple food. Fruits contain quite low protein and few fats, so it is not sufficient in nutrients. If people only eat fruits as staple food for long time, they cannot get enough calories and protein, which will result in nutritional imbalance and even induce various diseases. So, fruits can only be regarded as the supplementary food.

Do not eat processed food too frequently. When people use salt to preserve fish, meat and other fishes, the salt can be easily converted in to nitrite. After intake, it will produce carcinogen imine under the catalysis of enzyme and the function of various substances in the body. Eating more such food will lead to cancer and premature aging. So, people are suggested to eat more fresh foods.

Do not be addicted to coffee. Coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine and the excessive intake will change the heart functions and increase the cholesterol content in blood vessel. People are more prone to get heart diseases, reduce the pregnancy rate and decrease working efficiency. So, people should not drink more than one cup of coffee every day.

Do not make tea in vacuum cup. If the tea is dipped in high temperature water for long time, it equals to boil tea, which will destroy vitamins in tea and make the tannin and theophylline effuse out. So, people need to change a common cup and make tea with water about 80 ℃.

Do not cook dishes with high temperature frequently. When people add salt in dishes, the iodine of foods will be destroyed under high temperature, leading to iodine deficiency. The iodine deficiency often causes the thyroid dysfunction and lead to mental decline. People could try to add salt after the dish is almost completed.

Do not drink alcohol too much. The large or regular alcohol consumption could make the liver occur alcoholism and lead to inflammation and swelling, which could affect the reproductive and urinary systems. From the health perspective, the red wine is best for people. It is safe to drink water after two pm. In addition, it is not suitable to drink alcohol under the circumstances of empty stomach, going to sleep, getting cold or intense emotion. People of 60kg are allowed to drink at most 60 grams of alcohol.

Details determine health. If people could pay various tips in daily life, I think diseases will be far away from us.

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