What has Joe Montana Been Up To
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What has Joe Montana Been Up To

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Joe Montana’s career in the National Football League is one that will never be forgotten. He played in some of the most historic games of all time, and he put up numbers the likes of which have not been seen since. The only modern comparison is Tom Brady, and he needs to accomplish a bit more before he could be seen as being as good as Montana. However, Montana’s life after football is not something that has been talked about nearly as much. Still, he has been doing a number of things that are worth interest, especially for Joe Montana fanatics who will never shake the memories of the glory days.

California: Horses and Wine

Montana has really made California into his home. This was, after all, where he spent most of his career. He has been living in the state on a huge ranch where he has been raising horses. This does not appear to have been done as a profitable venture, but just because he enjoys it. He has also been producing wine there, which has made a fair amount of money. The brand is called, appropriately, Montagia. This is a favorite of people in the area because of the connection to the superstar.

Selling His Estate

This love affair with wine and horses may soon come to an end, however. Montana and his current wife have listed the property up for sale. Now that their sons no longer live at home, they decided to move into the Millennium Tower, San Francisco’s premiere luxury vertical community. The Millennium Tower is the pinnacle of luxury living in the SoMa section of city with which the name “Joe Montana“ will always be synonymous. They do not feel that they need to have as much space anymore, and being close to the city allows them access to all that it has to offer. The estate is up for forty-nine million dollars.

Suing His Ex-Wife

One less-pleasant thing that has happened recently is that Montana has sued his ex-wife, Kim Moses. She was his school sweetheart, and he married her when he was still at Notre Dame. The marriage only lasted for a few years, and ended uneventfully. When Joe became famous, though, Kim saw a way to make some money out of the deal. She sold off some of the things that she had of his from when they were together. This memorabilia would not have been worth much for an average player, but it was worth a lot because it was his. Montana felt that his privacy was violated, which is why he sued her.

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