What has made the sci fi book Kyirux a phenomenon? Kyirux review
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What has made the sci fi book Kyirux a phenomenon? Kyirux review

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This science fiction book came out of nowhere and became an internet sensation through social media network and you tube. The author used a clever trick in advertising which was first used by the producers of Blair Witch Project. He made the ad look real, or leaked news, which became a viral video on youtube catching over a million views. I, in Australia didn’t learn about this novel till early last year when a friend and I were trying to watch a video on Nibiru and the alien moon base by NASA. In the side links was the trailer for Kyirux: The Message of Pascal. At first we got hyped and wanted to know more about this news, but when we clicked on the web link we figured out it was a sci-fi book written by Indian’s first sci-fi author Kapiel Raaj. We thought the info and the website was a scam, but once we began to browse it, we found that the author knew a lot more than what we thought, and lot more than what an average Joe knows in the Matrix world.

It was quite impressive to see the author put in quite the work into his website with all the original articles and news; it was no surprise that I bought the novel from lulu. When the novel arrived I was very excited to read the first pages, because the plot line was something which I haven’t read in any sci-fi book before. The book is about a device name Kyirux which gets discovered from deep beneath the surface of earth in early years of 21st century, and the man who discovers it finds out that Kyirux is older than life itself, perhaps hundreds of million years old. The device was advance enough to be kept safe with its alien shell inside the hard, hot surface of our planet earth. The device Kyirux began to unveil the secrets of the universe and how life came to be on planet earth and perhaps other places.

I enjoyed reading the book, as it was laid out like a Hollywood movie; an easy read with trills and chills of an alien film. It was exciting to see the world of Pascal, the early solar system, and yes, the phenomenon of Planet Nibiru and The Anunnaki. The author cleverly wrote a limited part about these two subjects as rest of it is in the second part of KYIRUX, The Hidden History. The journey which author takes the reader on, manifests itself into a world which was never known; a world, which was never thought off by man. The character development was done with care and precision, because it’s hard to relate to any character in a sci-fi book or movie.

But in the novel Kyirux, the reality of character and their lives is what set this book apart from many others. Don’t get me wrong, it is no Oprah book club novel since it’s a sci-fi, but, it has a mystical feeling to it, and the book draws you in while it’s sitting on your coffee table. This is one book every sci-fi and discovery channel lover must have, to not only take themselves into a land before time, but, to discovery some of the secrets that only a few David Icke’s of this world know. ’The Hidden History’, part II of Kyirux, too, blew my mind with the author’s Shyamlan’s type ending. I will soon do a review on ‘Kyirux II: The Hidden History’, when I have more time.

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